Review: Fun Factory Bootie

Fun Factory Bootie

I’ve been in a bit of drought when it comes to anal stimulation. Thankfully, the Fun Factory Bootie has helped reacquaint me with my bum.  Which is good for the most part, because lately I’ve been extremely busy with school.  Therefore I don’t have a lot of time to try …

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Review: Tantus Feeldoe

Tantus Feeldoe

I have a confession to make: until now, I have never used a strap-on before in my life.  I’ve never used one on anybody.  No one’s ever used one on me.  To be honest, I never really saw the appeal of using a strap-on.  But at the same time, I’ve …

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Review: 50 Shades Darker No Bounds Collection Paddle

50 Shades Darker No Bounds Collection Paddle

The 50 Shades Darker No Bounds Collection Paddle is a part of Lovehoney’s line of sex toys inspired by E.L. James’s infamous series.  You’ve probably seen the little trailer that was posted on the internet not too long ago. Honestly, I haven’t read the books, nor have I seen the …

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Kinkquiries: Introduction- What’s a Kink?

Kinkquiries: Introduction- What's a Kink?

Hello everyone, and welcome to my new series of blog posts called Kinkquiries.  You’re probably wondering what the fuck Kinkquiries is about and why I’m making it, so hopefully “Kinkquiries: Introduction- What’s a Kink?” will help clarify a few things. Kinkquiries (kink+ inquiries= kinkquiries) will be a series of blog …

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Review: Zolo Stax

Zolo Stax

With toys such as the Zolo Stax Masturbator, I find it difficult to give them in-depth reviews.  This is because I was not born with the biological equipment necessary to use it.  Which is why I try to call upon others to help me give these reviews. However, it has …

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Review: IMTOY Zoo Rhino

IMTOY Zoo Rhino

Rabbit-style vibes are my favorite.  That’s no secret.  However, since I have used a fair number of them, I have set pretty high expectations.  These expectations did not change when I was asked to review the IMTOY Zoo Rhino vibrator. In case it wasn’t obvious enough, the IMTOY Zoo Rhino …

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Review: Mystic Rechargeable Wand

Mystic Rechargeable Wand

Even though I haven’t tried the original Mystic Wand, the Mystic Rechargeable Wand sounded very promising to my ears (and genitals). So how did it fare? To be blunt: I like it.  The Mystic Rechargeable Wand by Vibratex has a lot of good things going for it.  At the same …

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Review: Lovehoney 7 Inch G-Spot Silicone Dildo

Lovehoney 7 Inch G-Spot Silicone Dildo

The Lovehoney 7 Inch G-Spot Silicone dildo is an inexpensive toy that is good for people looking to experiment with their g-spot/p-spot.  After using this a few times, I have to say that I don’t hate this toy, but I don’t love it either.  Perhaps I’m spoiled by other g-spot …

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Review: Luxe Mio

Luxe Mio

The Luxe Mio by Blush Novelties is a semi-realistic silicone dildo that’s aimed to target the g-spot. I have given the Luxe Mio the nickname “Stubby McStubbs” due to how short and stubby it is… duh! With its short but girthy design, how does the Luxe Mio fare with my …

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Review: Mighty Wand

Mighty Wand

The Mighty Wand is an item that I did not anticipate on receiving. However, the people at Castle Megastore were kind enough to send me this wand along with another item, which I will review very soon. And since I’m trying to be a reputable, reliable blogger, I figured I …

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