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About Me

So I figured it would be a good idea to put in a stereotypical About Me kind of page. Everyone seems to have an About Me page.

 I don’t know how many people are actually gonna be reading this stuff, but hey, what can it hurt?

To get started, my name is Rebsy.

That’s not my real name, but that’s just the name I’m gonna go with on here.
I’m currently attending the University of Baltimore County.
Aside from my interests in sex toys, I’ve always had a passion for writing. 
Ever since I was little, I filled up notebooks with stories.  It was just so much fun and easy for me to get lost in what I was creating.
But lately I’ve become a fan of drawing.  More specifically drawing comics/anime/manga. I’ve also become quite passionate about make-up as well!
I’m not very good at either, but I’m passionate about them nonetheless.
My dreams are to one day create my own series of books and graphic novels.  It would also be pretty awesome to run a successful blog.
But since those careers are rather financially unstable, I plan on getting a job in the world of publishing to support myself until then.
I’ve always lived in the state of Maryland. Like many people, I would love to travel around the world one day.
I would love to go to Japan, England, South Korea, France, and perhaps some African countries as well!
Until then, I’ll just stick to watching them from the comfort of my computer screen.

Now, there are a few reasons as to why I created this blog.

First, I feel that this would be a great way for me to practice/enhance my skills as a writer. 

So that’s why I absolutely encourage any constructive criticism from anyone who stumbles across this blog!

Second, I wanted to create a space where I would feel comfortable sharing my experiences in developing as a sexual human being.

For so long, I felt that sex and masturbation were topics that you weren’t really allowed to talk about with anyone.
Well, thankfully the creation of blogging and social media has allowed me to find ways to express myself.
It’s especially nice that I can have a blog such as this, since I can remain as anonymous as possible.
Anyways, I hope that anyone who comes across this blog will feel comfortable in sharing their own personal experiences with sex toys and sexuality in general.

That’s pretty much the third reason as to why I made this blog: I want to connect to more people that are like me.

I want to hear from people that are exploring their own sexualities and are discovering how masturbation and sex can really enhance their self-esteem/confidence.

If you’re someone that’s easily offended by cursing, or the overabundant use of GIFs, then you probably should get off this site.  (Seriously, though, who hates GIFs?!)

In all seriousness, whether you’re just coming across this blog by accident, or you’re just looking up some sex toys, or you’d like to see what looks I can create, I hope that you’ll find something on this  blog that you can enjoy.