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Anal 101: Introduction

As some of you may or may not know, I haven’t been using sex toys for very long.  As a matter of fact, it’s only been at least a year since I’ve started using them.

Ever since then I have been exploring other possible ways to give myself pleasure.  Part of that pleasure comes from challenging myself to do things that I have never done before.

Anal has been one of those challenges. 

There was a time in my life where the thought of putting something in my butt just…perplexed me, to say the least.

I mean, THAT’S WHERE POOP COMES FROM!  So why would anybody want to put another limb in there?  And does it hurt?  These were just a few of the many concerns I had before I started exploring my own sexuality.

Now I enjoy putting things in my butt as much as I enjoy putting them in my vagina.


What will I cover?

  • Anatomy
  • Warming up
  • Lube
  • The douching process
  • How to avoid “accidents” as best as possible
  • How to deal with “accidents” when/if they happen
  • Prostate stimulation

(Note: I didn’t mention “toys” because I already have a category on my site devoted to them, so if you’re interested, please check them out HERE.  However, I will probably make a little post about warming up with toys anyway, since some of the products I review aren’t exactly the best for beginners.  It’s good to be ambitious when learning something, but it’s easy to get in over your head (or ass) with anal-play.)

As I find more things to talk about, I will continue to update this series.  For now, I just want to use this post as an introduction for what’s about to come (must…. resist…pun).

So if you any of you have any questions/concerns that you would like me to address, feel free to post them in the comments!


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