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Review: Bodywand Original Massager

Alright, so I haven’t been keeping to my original blogging schedule lately because the new semester has just started, and I’ve just been really busy with that along with moving back into my apartment after all this time.  

But not only that, I’m also looking to get a job really soon.  Hey, how else am I going to pay for all these sex toys?!  So yeah, that’s pretty much what’s been going on with me lately.

Now that I’ve gotten all that shit out of the way, I’m going to go ahead and get on with this review.

Remember back when I said that I would probably be doing some reviews on body massagers?  Well, think of this blog post as the second part to the series.  The product that I will be talking to you about today (in case you didn’t see the title for this blog post) is called the Bodywand Original Massager.


I’m going to go ahead and post some general information about this product, which I found (and will be paraphrasing) off of Adameve.com.

  Here’s some of the Bodywand Original’s features:

  • 13 inches in total length
  • 2 1/2 inches in length for the head/tip
  • 2 inch shaft
  • 72 inch cord
  • White, with a blue rubberized grip
  • Smooth head with ridges on the side
  • Flexible neck
  • Multi-speed control dial
  • Whisper-quiet low settings, subdued sound on higher settings
  • Plugs in to A/C power, no batteries required
  • Great to use as a vibrator and/or general body massager


In my first wand massager review, I talked about the Magic Massager by Adam & Eve.  This product, the Bodywand Original Massager, is a lot like the Magic Massager, but at the same time it’s very different.  How is that possible?  How can something be so similar yet so different at the same time, you might ask?  

In terms of similarities, the Bodywand Original and the Magic Massager are both large vibrators that are very powerful.  They are both products that have a cord that you plug into an electrical outlet, which gives them their power.  That way, neither of these massagers require you to constantly buy batteries.  Both of these products are also good for giving yourself not only sexual pleasure, but are also good as regular back/neck/shoulder massagers as well, since that’s what they were originally designed for in the first place.  

However, this is where their similarities end.  I’m now going to put some pictures from Google Images to help me better explain how these two products are different.

First, what makes the Bodywand Original Massager different from the Magic Massager is the way the controls are designed.  Now, don’t get me wrong, the Bodywand Original isn’t difficult to operate, but….okay, I’ll just post two pictures of them here:

One of the first things that differentiates the Bodywand Original from the Magic Massager is how the Bodywand has a speed dial that kind of operates like a wheel.  What I mean is that in order to turn it on, you use your thumb or finger to pull downward.  The Bodywand will then click on and begin to vibrate.  This little twist-speed-volume-dial-thingy will increase in power and loudness as you continue pulling down on the wheel (picture found via Google Images, and all credit belongs to its respective owner)…

…whereas the dial on the Adam & Eve Magic Massager has more of a see-saw design to it.  (Picture found via Google Images and all credit belongs to the respective owner.)

Another noticeable difference between the Magic Massager and the Bodywand is how the former has a removable, vinyl-like cushioned head, whereas the Bodywand does not have a removable head and is made out of a much smoother, silicone-like material.  

Now, I originally bought the Bodywand off of Amazon, and thankfully the product came in great condition.  Sure, there was an tiny scratch on the tip, but that didn’t take away from the toy’s ability to function properly.  

So, here are some of the things that I personally liked about this product:


One of the things that really attracted me to this product in the first place was the multi-speed controller.  Like the Doc Johnson Lucid Dream #14 vibrator, this multi-speed controller allows you more precision in terms of just how much power you want whenever you’re using this toy.  A lot of people find the Hitachi and the Magic Massager to be very, VERY intense, even on the lowest setting.  So with the Bodywand Original Massager, I think it’s safe to say that even the most sensitive people are going to enjoy this product due to the variety that this toy provides in terms of speed and power.  You most likely aren’t going to need to cover your genitals up, even on the lowest setting, which is something that a lot of people found themselves having to do with the Hitachi or the Magic Massager.  So if you want more power-variety or something to accommodate your needs, I can assure that there’s a great chance that the Bodywand Original Massager will be able to provide it for you. 


The people at Adameve.com state in the product description that this toy is whisper-quiet.  Well, I have to say that that’s not ENTIRELY true, but at the same time I do find this toy to be much quieter than the Magic Massager.  I live in an apartment that has paper-thin walls, and whenever I used my Magic Massager, I would kind of worry whether the neighbors could hear me using it or not.  However, the Bodywand Original Massager has more of a rumbly sound to it as opposed to the high-pitched, lawnmower or weed-whacker sound of the Magic Massager.  I think that even on its highest setting that it’s a lot quieter than a lot of popular wand massagers.  So if you’re looking for something that’s a little bit more quiet, than I would recommend that you check this out.  


Another feature of the Bodywand Original Massager that I really like is the cord length.  That may seem like a trivial thing to mention, but for me it’s particularly convenient, since most of the electrical outlets here don’t exactly work.  The electrical outlet right next to my couch is the only one that works and with the 72″ long cord, I am able to use this product comfortably without having to contort my body just so I don’t have to worry about accidentally pulling it out of the wall.  That was a problem I had with my Magic Massager: the cord (which was 5.5 inches) wasn’t long enough to where I could comfortably use the product without having to put myself in awkward positions.  So the 6 inch cord on the Bodywand Original turned out to be a huge bonus.  


Now this is probably one of the biggest reasons why I really like the Bodywand Original Massager.  Here’s a picture taken from my phone, just so you can get a better idea:

The Magic Massager has more of a bulky, square-shape to it.  The Bodywand Original, on the other hand, is rounder.  If you look at the ends of each product where the cords protrude out of, you’ll get what I mean.

Now with these differences in shape, I found that it was much more comfortable to grip onto the Bodywand Original due to its rounder shape, whereas the Magic Massager kind of feels a little awkward, especially when (as I said before) you find yourself having to contort your body into some awkward positions; your hands get tired after awhile.  So if you’re looking for something that has a more ergonomic shape to it, then I would recommend checking this out for yourselves.


The way the head of this toy is designed is another feature which I like about this toy.  I like how the top of the head is very smooth, almost as if it’s made of silicone (I’m not sure if it is or just some really smooth plastic material), but yet you get this nice ridges on the sides as well.  I prefer to use the side of the head when stimulating my clit, and using the smooth part to massage myself if something’s aching and what not.  I guess you could blindfold yourself or your partner and sort of tease them by using these different textures.  

Now for the things I do not like so much about this product: first, I think that the head is a bit too wide.  This is the same issue I had with the Magic Massager.  I found that the 2 1/2″ wide head on both massagers were too wide so that I couldn’t really provide direct stimulation to my clit.  Second, I  thought that even on the highest setting that it still kind of felt like the lowest setting on my Magic Massager.  However, you yourself might find this toy to be powerful enough to your liking.

Other than that, I couldn’t find much wrong with this toy.  

So, overall, I’m glad I purchased this product.  If you’re someone who wants something different from the Hitachi/Magic Massager, or if you’re someone who wants something that provides a lot of variety, then I would definitely recommend this toy.  However, keep in mind that this toy, and most (if not all) wand massagers ARE NOT WATERPROOF, SO DON’T USE IT IN THE SHOWER/TUB/JACUZZI/ANY PLACE WHERE THERE’S A LOT OF H2O!!!!  

Unless you’re into electrocuting yourself, then by all means, knock yourself out….

But seriously, please be careful!  Pay attention to your body, and if you find yourself bleeding or getting rashes on places where you really shouldn’t be getting rashes, then see a doctor as soon as possible.  I’m not responsible for any decisions that you make, just like you’re not responsible for any of mine.  

If you’re interested in buying a Bodywand Original Massager for yourself, then please click BODYWAND’S OFFICIAL SITE.  

You can also buy this toy off of ADAM & EVE.  

Again, as usual, I’m not sponsored/endorsed by any of these companies, I’m just doing all of this for fun.



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