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Review: Fairy Turbo Wand

So this is the third (and probably final) entry into the wand massager series, and let me tell you this: I am so fucking stoked to be reviewing this product because it is one of my favorite toys of all-time and after I tell you all about it, I think you’re gonna want to check it out for yourselves!

The product I’m going to be talking to you about is called the Fairy Turbo Wand Massager, and I believe it’s created by a company called Media Craft Inc.


Now this is a product that I bought off of Amazon, and what’s interesting about it is first of all, it was imported all the way from Japan.

Yes, motherfucking Japan.  I seriously love Japan and one of my goals in life is to visit at least once before I die.

Moving on, as I said, this is a Japanese product and I believe it’s part of a line of Fairy wand massagers.  They’re apparently the most popular unit of wand massagers in Japan right now, like you can look up some Japanese porn (or “AV” as they call it over there) and see these products being used all the time.

Here’s what some of these Fairy products look like (these photos were found via Google Images and belong to their respective owners):

The original Fairy wand massager.

Here’s a picture of it lying horizontally.

This is the Fairy Mini, and it’s basically a smaller version of the original.  

Now there’s also a smaller, rechargeable version, a little “baby” version, and so much more in the lineup, but I’m not gonna go into all of that for now.  I could be writing about those for hours on end, so I’m just gonna go ahead and move on.


This is what the Fairy Turbo looks like:

The Fairy Turbo is basically an alteration of the Fairy Mini, or as I read somewhere, the turbo-charged version of the Fairy Mini.

Here’s another picture.  You’ll notice the many similarities this has with the Fairy Mini, but one noticeable difference is that there aren’t any ridges on the side of the head.  The shape of the overall body is also a little bit different.

This picture was taken off of the website called Kanojo Toys, a site where you can buy Japanese adult products.  

Now, before I go into my review, here’s some information about the product’s features and what not (this information was taken directly off of the Kanojo Toys website):

  • Plug-in vibrator with x1
  • Size: 45 x 45 x 260mm (1.77 x. 1.77 x 10.23″)
  • Weight: 486g (17.1 oz)
  • Power: AC plug (100-240V)
  • Plug length: 2.5m (8.2 ft)
  • Non-step, smooth speed control
  • Built-in cooling fan
  • Pink travel/storage pouch included

Here are some things that I particularly like about this product:


This is perhaps the biggest reason as to why this is one of my favorite toys of all time.  When you compare the Fairy Turbo to the A&E Magic Massager and the Bodywand Original, you’ll notice there is a great difference in size.  Here’s what I mean:

See the difference?  I know, I’m an amazing photographer….yes…that was sarcasm.  

So as you can see, the Fairy Turbo is much, much smaller than both of those wands.  Not only is the body small, but the head is much smaller as well.  You might be wondering why this is a big bonus for me.  

Well, although I like both the Bodywand Original and the Magic Massager, the heads are too big to the point where I find myself not being able to get more precise stimulation.  What I mean by that is when I put the heads of the Bodywand or the Magic Massager to my clitoris, my whole vulva feels the vibrations.  Now this may be something you prefer, but for me personally the bigger heads on those wands make it easier to numb my entire vulva out in a short period of time.

However, with the Fairy turbo, the smaller head delivers powerful vibrations to a smaller area, so my clit is feeling most of the vibrations.  Therefore, I’m able to focus more of the stimulation to the areas that I want without numbing my vulva.  

I also find that since the product itself is much smaller and doesn’t weigh as much that it doesn’t tire my hands or my wrists as quickly as the other massagers do.  So the fact that it doesn’t feel like I’m holding a baseball bat is a huge bonus in my opinion.  


It’s simple, yet beautiful.  The grip feels like it’s made out of silicone (or a plastic material that feels like silicone).  It’s light, but at the same time you feel weight in the upper part where the motor is located.

This is probably one of the cutest toys I have in my collection at the moment.  I know that this is kind of a superficial reason to like this toy, but I think that it is important for sex toy manufacturers to take the appearance of their products into consideration when putting them out on the market.  When looking at a toy such as the Fairy Turbo, or any of the items in the Fairy series, you’re not going to be intimidated.  And I’m sure you’ve probably looked at some sex toys and have just felt like you needed to wash your eyeballs out afterwards because they just looked a little bit too freaky.  But you definitely won’t feel that way when you look at this toy.  It would actually make a really cool gift!  


Yes, you read that correctly.  According to Kanojo Toys, this massager has a built-in cooling fan so that the product doesn’t heat up as quickly.  I can definitely say that it’s true: this product, no matter how long I’ve used it, it doesn’t heat up quickly and no matter how long I use it, it doesn’t get to a point where I feel like it’s going to burn my hands.  But make no mistake, this toy does kind of heat up after awhile, but it shouldn’t get to a point where you feel uncomfortable.  So if you’re someone that like to take their time, then I would definitely recommend this toy for you. 


This is probably one of the most powerful toys I have at the moment.  Like the Bodywand Original Massager, there is a little dial that you roll to adjust the speeds to any level of intensity that you desire.  Let me tell you, this toy is fairly intense, even on some of the lower settings, and when you turn it up all the way it sounds like a miniature chainsaw.  I know that description is probably not the most appealing, but it goes to show you just how powerful this toy can be.  In fact, if you look around on the internet, you’ll find some sources that say this toy is more powerful than the Hitachi Magic Wand.  Since I have the Magic Massager by Adam & Eve (which is pretty much their version of the Hitachi), I can definitely agree with those statements. I’ll post some video links later on just so you can check it out for yourself, but if you’re someone that wants something very, VERY powerful, then you should definitely check this toy out!


Yep, no ridges or anything.  Just a smooth, sleek head.

Similar to the Bodywand Original, this product features a head that seems to be made out of either silicone or really smooth plastic material.   This is a feature that I like for the most part because unlike the A&E Magic Massager, the material of the head doesn’t chafe my lady-bits after awhile (for the most part, anyway).  However, remember to use common sense, people.  If something’s going wrong down there or wherever you’re using this thing, then talk to the doctor about it.

Now that I’ve addressed all of those features, here are some things that I think could be improved upon.

First, I think it’s important to mention that although this toy is very powerful, you’re getting this power at the cost of it being EXTREMELY FUCKING LOUD.  As I said before, when this thing is turned up all the way it’s like a miniature chainsaw going off.  Or a pocket-rocket on steroids.  However it’s described, the point is that it’s loud, REALLY, REALLY LOUD.  So if you’re someone that lives with other people and don’t want them to hear you during your little sexy-time, then maybe you should consider getting something else….or just wait until you’re all alone and have no one to bother you.  

Second, as much as I like the little pink velvet pouch that comes with it, I find it to be a pain in the ass whenever I store the toy inside of it.  This is a pretty minor annoyance, since you can just not use the storage pouch at all, but the cord might get tangled if you decide to do that.  

Third, although I really like how smooth the toy is, I still think that adding some ridges on the head of the toy would’ve been awesome.  That way I could vary the sensations whenever I’d be using it.  At the same time, though, this toy is powerful enough that it still provides me with plenty of stimulation as it is.  

And lastly, this isn’t really anything about the toy, but it’s more to do with buying this product online.  As I said somewhere at the beginning, I bought this product off of Amazon, and as I said in one of my other reviews, it is definitely possible to get the wrong product.  Thankfully, after carefully examining the product, I realized that I got the legit product and not some cheap knock-off.  So that’s why even though I’m saying I bought this off of Amazon, I would still HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you go and buy this off of one of the sites I will list at the very end of this post.  Sure, the shipping will be quite costly, since the product will be coming from Japan and they have this thing with customs, but I can promise you that the extra money for shipping will be better than paying for something that could possibly catch on fire, explode, or not work properly at all.  

With that little public-service-announcement out of the way, it should be fairly obvious where I stand with this product.  

I absolutely fucking love it.  It’s fucking amazing and it’s one of my favorite fucking toys of all-fucking-time.  Yes, I’m using the word “fuck” obnoxiously, but that’s because I adore this toy.  It brings out the “fuck” in me!  

If you’re looking for something that’s powerful and beautiful, then check this fucking toy out now!!!  Seriously, I want to go over to Japan, find out who was involved in the development of this toy, and furiously shake the shit out of their hands until I practically rip their arms off.  

Okay, maybe not that very last part, but you know what I mean!

This toy is one of my absolute favorites, I use it all the time, and if you buy one for yourselves, I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed!

If you would like to buy yourself a Fairy Turbo wand massager, then feel free to check out the following websites:

KANOJO TOYS – this is a site where they sell plenty of authentic Japanese adult products, from JAV (Japanese Adult Video), to masturbators, to other wand massagers, including the Fairy series!  As I said, the shipping is going to cost a lot, but it’ll be worth it.  The customer service is pretty good, so if you have any problems or concerns about your purchase, the staff will usually answer you within 24 hours.  That’s been my personal experience, anyway!

NLS: 1 NIGHT LOVE STORY  – this is another site where you can go to buy authentic Japanese adult goodies.  I think that this site has a lot more variety in terms of what kinds of products they carry.  Also, I think that the shipping costs a little bit less, but you’re still going to pay quite a bit depending on what item you’ll be purchasing.  

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Now I would like to ask you this:  Have you ever had a sex toy that you felt you could not live without, that you would take with you wherever you’d go?  Please post your answers in the comments!  I’d really like to hear from some of you! 

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  • Bobby

    I am a man bought the Fairy Mini because bought vibrating sleeves for masturbation before&they use vibrating bullets&they don’t last long maybe a week they’re pretty much pieces of shit in my opinion tired of wasting money on them&I don’t have it too waste but wanted a vibrating toy to make things better so thought I’d try a wand but don’t have a lot to spend couldn’t afford hatachi or real expensive wands got mine pretty cheap from ebay but it worked find for a while no problem but sometimes try to last a while atleast about 30 minutes or longer depending if I have time & if I’m watching porn that lasts that long but it worked fine for a while but recently it’ll stop working then start working again I thought at first it was because I was trying to use it on high for too long&overheating but used it after on different speeds&it still did that I can’t find nothing on them so figured I’d ask people that review them I couldn’t find your review of it that’s why left this on this 1 you may know this but you can remove the cover over the head&that part is smooth but part of the plastic so can’t be washed I have removed the cover to wash it

    • Rebsy Reviews


      Thank you for commenting! I haven’t tried the Fairy minis, I’ve only had experience with the Fairy Turbo (which was sooo long ago, and I no longer own it, unfortunately). I’m sorry you didn’t like it :-/ But my Fairy Turbo wand didn’t have a removable head.

      • Bobby

        it’s great when it works but for some reason sometimes it works sometimes it don’t seen something about battery attatchment I noticed the bottom where the cord goes into the wand turns but don’t know if it comes lose maybe it has something to do with that or it’s the cord I was using it lastnight it worked then it stopped messed with the bottom&made sure it was plugged in good then all of a sudden it worked fine until I was done I’m going to try to figure it out but probably will get a different wand when I can