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Review: Fluorescent Pink & Blue Starter Plug

As I’ve said before in my previous posts (at least I think I have) that if I ever become part of a company’s affiliation program that I would state that right off the bat.

Well I’m still not in any, which is perfectly fine because that’s just how I want things to be for now. 

However, for this particular blog post, I want to talk about my experience with a company called Split Peaches.  


To be honest, I had never even heard of this company until one day, while browsing through my Twitter feed, I happened to come across and interesting thing.  I came across a picture of something that looked like a unicorn-shaped piece of candy.  

Well, turns out it was supposed to be in the shape of a unicorn horn, but it most certainly wasn’t candy.  It was a multi-colored, silicone dildo that Split Peaches created.  

Now I don’t remember exactly what happened next, but I remember getting in contact with them, and they asked me if I would be interested in buying one of their products (of my choosing) for a discount.  I said I was interested, and now here I am talking about one of their products.

This product is their Florescent Starter Silicone Butt-Plug in pink and blue.


Yes, that’s quite a mouthful, and I will say that one of the things that I think would be beneficial to this company would be to come up with their very own unique names for their products.  Their products are fairly unique, especially their Unicorn-horn shaped dildos, but I just think that it would be a good idea to give their other products cool, catchy titles as well.  I don’t know why, but for some reason I look at this particular product and the word “comet” comes to mind.  

But hey, I’m just saying this purely from a customer-perspective, and I sincerely hope that none of the good people that work at this company take offense to any of this.  I truly appreciate them reaching out to me and allowing me to choose this product at a discounted price.  

So with all of that out of the way, here’s some information about this toy.  All information was taken off the company’s site, which I will provide the link for later on.  

Here ya go:



5 3/8″ in total height

1 1/4″ wide (at the widest bottom ball)

Made out of body-safe Platinum silicone

Price: $32


After playing with this toy a little bit, here’s what I have to say:


Even before putting this in my butthole, it was easy to notice this little guy’s flexibility.  I’m not gonna lie, I spent a fair amount of time just wiggling this thing around, trying to do the helicopter and what not.  

 Now despite the fact that I usually find it much more difficult to maneuver more flexible toys (at least when it comes to anal-play), I found that this was still firm enough for easy insertion.  This toy had just enough flexibility for me to comfortably insert this into my body, but not to the point where I felt like I was putting a cooked spaghetti noodle in my ass.  

Sorry for the crude description, but it’s the best that I could come up with.



I just wanna start off by saying that I warmed myself up with my Naughty Candy Heart and faux stainless-steel plugs.  It’s probably because I warmed up with those two toys first that this product was able to slide in perfect.  Seriously, I had a much harder time putting the Naughty Candy Heart Plug inside of me than I did with this product.

It’s funny because while looking at the design of the toy (which I will go over in more detail soon), I was kind of nervous as to whether or not this would be more difficult to handle than the other toys I’ve had up my butt so far.  I’m glad to say that after messing around with the candy heart that inserting this toy was an absolute breeze.  I personally think that the easy insertion was due to the way that the toy was designed.  But overall, as a  beginner, I would say this is probably the easiest toy to insert when it comes to anal-play (so far, anyway).  




So as you’ll notice from the pictures I’ve posted, this butt-plug is taller.  However, the Naughty Candy Heart is much thicker, whereas this product wasn’t all too thick (except for the balls).  

This lack of girth actually proved to be very beneficial because unlike with the Naughty Candy Heart plug, I didn’t feel any bit of pressure or slight painful tingle upon insertion. That’s because the Candy Heart plug has a much pointier tip as opposed to the round balls that make up the shaft.  These round balls made for an incredibly smooth insertion into my body.  I’d even go so far as to say that inserting this toy was much easier than inserting one of my fingers.  However, again, I did warm myself up beforehand, so my butthole being accustomed to somewhat larger objects probably played a big part for that experience.


Now even though this toy was easy to insert, I did find that it was a little difficult to keep it in place.  It could’ve just been me, but whenever I put this toy all the way inside of me, it would kind of start to slip out.  Usually with butt-plugs, the base at the end is supposed to stay intact so that it won’t slide out during intercourse/masturbation/general wearing. 

However, I noticed that was what I experienced while lying or sitting down.


It’s funny, as I wrote this review I went to the bathroom to clean off my other toys while this one was still inside of me….and I have to say that the toy stayed in much more securely.  At the same time though, I still found that my butt-cheeks were kind of pushing and pulling against the base in a way that made it feel a bit awkward.

I think this was due to the fact that the base itself is rather thick and so therefore I would suggest that the people at Split Peaches consider making a model where the base is smaller/thinner.  

Then again, I’m not an anal expert at the moment, so who knows?  I might go and update this review a little while from now, but at the moment that’s one of the things I would suggest about altering in terms of the product’s design.  


However, in the end I did like the fullness feeling I got around the second try, especially whenever I was standing up.  I also really enjoyed the little “pop” feeling that the balls provided during insertion. I also think that the balls are what made insertion much easier, since with anal beads I find it hard to start out with a really small ball and then make my way up from there.  So with this product, I found that the lack of variation in ball-sizes turned out to be a plus.


Again, I just want to thank the people at Split Peaches (especially Mr. Andy) for contacting me and offering me a discount for their product, because I truly appreciate the support.


However, I do have some constructive criticism: as I stated at one point, I think it would truly be beneficial to your company if you gave original names for your products, because I honestly think that will be much more attractive to potential customers.  I also think that in the future, as your business becomes bigger, that it would be a good idea for you to think about coming up with a particular design for your packaging, as well as maybe an alteration on your brand’s logo.  I think that the peach is a very good idea, but I think it could use a little bit more to it.  Then again, if you are happy with the way it looks, then please ignore my little bit of ranting because I honestly don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about!  (Oh good lord, I should probably shut up now….)

So anyways, here’s my final….verdict?  Yeah, let’s go with verdict.

I would recommend this toy if:

-you are new to anal play

-you enjoy colorful products that aren’t intimidating

-you are a fan of silicone toys

-you want to support smaller companies

I would not recommend this toy if:

-you are fairly picky about price

-if you are more experienced with anal play (although may you’d still like it)


If you would like to purchase your very own Pink and Blue Silicone Starter Butt-Plug, feel free to stop by SPLIT PEACHES’ OFFICIAL STORE online.  Be sure to check out any of their other products as well!  Also feel free to FOLLOW THEM ON TWITTER @SPLITPEACHES.


Unfortunately I was not able to find any videos on YouTube about this product, so for that I’m going to come up a little empty-handed this week…sorry!  

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