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Review: IMTOY Zoo Rhino

Rabbit-style vibes are my favorite.  That’s no secret.  However, since I have used a fair number of them, I have set pretty high expectations.  These expectations did not change when I was asked to review the IMTOY Zoo Rhino vibrator.

In case it wasn’t obvious enough, the IMTOY Zoo Rhino is a rabbit-style vibe that is part of IMTOY’s Zoo line of sex toys.  Honestly, I had never heard of the company before they contacted me, and nor had I heard other sex bloggers talk about their products.  Well that’s not entirely true.  I read The Big Gay Review’s post on their Piu masturbator, which wasn’t the most favorable.

But despite the negative review, I wanted to approach this item with a clear mind.  So with that introduction out of the way, how exactly did the IMTOY Zoo Rhino work for me?

 It’s not too bad, but there definitely needs to be some improvements.

IMTOY Zoo Rhino

IMTOY Zoo Rhino

Total Length8"
Insertable Length4.13"
Insertable Width1.38"
MaterialSilicone & ABS Plastic
Power SourceUSB Rechargeable
Settings16 (3 speeds, 13 patterns)
Special Features"Voice, video, music, and kinetic interaction" (quoted off IMTOY's site).
FinishesAvailable in Pale Pink
Lube RecommendationWater- and/or Oil-Based (according to the site)
Although the site says that it’s good to use oil-based lubricant, I would err on the side of caution. I have never tried oil-based lubricant with silicone toys, so I can’t say how the silicone material fares with it. If I ever do get the chance to try some oil-based lube with this toy, I’ll probably update the review. But for now, if you want to use oil-based lube, make sure to just use a tiny bit first and put it on a small spot, just to make sure the material doesn’t degrade or anything like that.

The Rhino comes in nice, light-pink colored packaging that looks like a nice shopping bag at first.  This holds the box, which carries the actual toy along with its charger and user manual.


How It Works

To turn the Rhino on, press and hold down the “m” button for a few seconds. You’ll feel a short buzz, followed by a blinking orange light.

Press the “m” button again once and the toy will start at the lowest setting.  Press the “m” button to navigate through the settings.

If you want to go back to a particular setting, you have to navigate through the others by clicking that same button until you reach the one you’re happy with.

To turn the Rhino off, press and hold the “m” button for a few seconds.  The toy will go to the next setting for a few seconds, but should turn itself off if you keep holding down the “m” button.

This toy is waterproof, so you shouldn’t have any problems taking it with you in the shower or any place like that.  Hopefully you won’t try to use it while you’re swimming far out in an ocean or something, because that could be dangerous (especially if you’re in Australia or something).

I’m not good at being funny, sorry!

The first charge takes about five hours.  Afterwards, it should take about one and a half hours for a full charge.

Remember, as with most (if not all) vibrators, the longevity of each use depends on whether you’re using a higher speed/setting.  A session should last you about forty-five minutes if you’re on one of the higher, more intense settings.  If you’re using a lower, less intense setting, then a session should last you longer.

The charging port can be found at the bottom of the handle.  The USB charging cable attaches to it magnetically.  When you have the USB charging cable plugged in, the “m” on the tip of it will light up.

IMTOY Zoo Rhino
The handle, where you attach the USB cable

I also noticed that a faint orange light will turn on and off while the Rhino is charging.

IMTOY Zoo Rhino

It’s like an orange circle will show up around the “m” button that’s near the clitoral stimulator.  Once the Rhino is fully charged, that light will stay on.

IMTOY Zoo Rhino



S1: The first (and the lowest) of the three speeds.

S2: The second speed.

S3: The third (and the most powerful) speed.

S4: A series of quick pulses.

S5: I like to call this one the machine-gun setting.  Imagine the fourth setting, but times five (at least).

S6: This feels like another machine gun setting but it’s not as fast as the fifth one.

S7: This setting feels like a slower version of the sixth one.

S8: The pulsations are slower so that it kinda feels like a fast (but not too fast) heartbeat.

S9: The pulsations are even slower.

S10: The pulsations are a little faster again.  Multiply the ninth setting by two, and that’s kinda how this setting is.

S11: This one isn’t as fast as the tenth setting, but it’s not as slow as the ninth one.

S12: This is just a steady buzz.  It’s more powerful than the third setting.

After that, you’ll be taken back to the very first setting.

I did not download the app that you can use to make your own vibration patterns, so I won’t be going over any of that in this review. I also wanna point out how the site says there are sixteen total settings, while I only counted twelve. Maybe I just miscalculated, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t. Let me know if you’ve used this toy and whether you counted sixteen or not.


IMTOY Zoo Rhino

  • I love how smooth the silicone is (it’s also drag-free)
  • I like how the magnetic USB charging cable isn’t a pain in the ass to connect (and keep connected!)
  • The pale pink is a very pretty, pleasing color
  • The shaft is very sleek so that I can easily insert it
  • I think that the clitoral stimulator is positioned weirdly; it doesn’t touch my clit too much, and it only moves farther away as my body pushes against it
  • I think that it would be great to fix the controls a little bit; I don’t understand why the toy buzzes for a split second, only to have you press the button once more to actually get into the settings
  • It would also be a good idea to make it so that people can adjust the intensity on each setting
  • The shaft is firm and not flexible at all, which might be a problem for some people
 I think that the design could be improved upon. The positioning of the clit stimulator is my biggest issue, personally. It’s already positioned a bit further upwards than I’m used to, which I’ll discuss more in the next section. I also think that the programming should be fixed (having to hold the button down, then press once again just doesn’t make sense to me). 



  • I love the way the shaft stimulates my g-spot; it’s not quite as effective as other toys I have, but it still feels good nonetheless
  • The vibrations in the shaft, in addition to the shaft’s curve & sleekness, really adds to the stimulation
  • Because the clitoral stimulator is positioned more upward, and is very flexible, my clitoris doesn’t get enough stimulation; the stem only brushes on my clit instead of the very tip, where the vibes are the strongest
  • I also found that even when I had to push the clit stimulator down that the vibrations were muted, which made clit stimulation even less effective
 I really enjoy using this internally. However, the vibrations in the clit stimulator are on the buzzier side, which is something that I’m not too fond of, usually. 

Overall Opinion

 I was pleasantly surprised. I thought this toy was going to be a huge disappointment, and while it does run short in some aspects, I don’t think this is a bad toy. However, It does need some improvements. 

Seriously, the whole process of turning it on just weirds me out for some reason.  If I were to use this while on vacation, or in a place where there would be other people (don’t ask), I’d want to make sure that I can turn the toy on and off as quickly as possible.  Having to hold the button down a few seconds, get a weak buzz, then have to press the toy again once more is just a pain.  It may only take a few seconds to do so, but trust me, when you’re living with other people, a couple of seconds can be a huge deal.

And about the clit stimulator, I can see how some people might like that the vibrations get a little muted.  Some people have very sensitive bodies, which is not a bad thing.  But I personally consider myself to be a “power-queen,” so when I want vibrations, I want them to be POWERFUL vibrations.  The vibrations in the shaft are pretty nice, but that power seems to be lacking in the clit stimulator, which is a bummer.

Overall, I don’t know if I would recommend this to everybody.

I think that I would recommend this to people who have very sensitive clitorises, or prefer more internal stimulation.  But even then I would be a little hesitant.

By no means does the IMTOY Zoo Rhino measure up to my favorite vibrators.

But it does show a little promise.


Special thanks goes out to the people at IMTOY.

IMTOY Zoo Rhino


I received the IMTOY Zoo Rhino free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

If you would like the IMTOY Zoo Rhino for yourself, please click on the button below.

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Rabbit-style vibes are my favorite.  That's no secret.  However, since I have used a fair number of them, I have set pretty high expectations.  These expectations did not change when I was asked to review the IMTOY Zoo Rhino vibrator. In case it wasn't obvious enough, the IMTOY Zoo Rhino is a rabbit-style vibe that is part of IMTOY's Zoo line of sex toys.  Honestly, I had never heard of the company before they contacted me, and nor had I heard other sex bloggers talk about their products.  Well that's not entirely true.  I read The Big Gay Review's post…


Design - 6
Construction - 7
Power - 6
Comfort - 8
Stimulation - 6



This product definitely has potential. I like the way the shaft is designed, but the clit stimulator and the programming of the settings need a little work in my opinion.

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