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Review: Joy Tickler

When I first saw the Joy Tickler, I thought it was a brush.  However, the Joy Tickler from Pink B.O.B. is definitely not a brush.  It’s a g-spot vibrator that has a simple design with an interesting twist.  But does this interesting twist do anything for me?

If you’ve read any past reviews, then you should know that I’m still struggling with my g-spot.  So why the fuck would I buy this kind of vibe if g-spot stimulation hasn’t worked for me?

Well I’m no quitter.  At least sometimes I’m not.  In all seriousness, I’ve been wanting to devote more time exploring my g-spot.  With the assistance of Deborah Sundahl’s Female Ejaculation & The G-Spot, I’m hoping to learn how to conquer this elusive motherfucker once and for all.

So when Pink B.O.B. contacted me and asked if I wanted to review something of theirs, I thought The Joy Tickler would be a great way to start off this “journey.”

After using this a few times, I have to say that I’m not quite sure how I feel about The Joy Tickler.  I guess you could say I feel conflicted.  There are some things that I like, but then there are some things that I certainly don’t like.

But first things first, of course!

Joy Tickler

Joy Tickler

Total Length7.25"
Insertable Length5.5"
Cord Length15.5"
MaterialABS Plastic & Silicone
Power SourceRechargeable
Settings20 (3 speeds, 17 patterns)
Special FeaturesCurved shaft w/ bristles
FinishesAvailable in Pink
Price$33.95 (shipping not included)
Lube RecommendationWater-Based


The Joy Tickler comes in this clear plastic case.  It comes with the charging cable and two pamphlets.  One pamphlet is the direction.  The other pamphlet talks about five ways to have “the best orgasm ever” while the other side of it talks about various sex positions.

Honestly, I thought that including the positions was a bit odd.  Granted, I’m overweight and out of shape so doing any of these positions is out of the question.  But I guess it could be good for couples that are looking to experiment.

The clear case makes for a good place to store the Joy Tickler and all the other stuff it comes with.

Overall, there really isn’t much going on here in terms of packaging.  I guess going for something simple is good sometimes.  But I feel that more could’ve been done.  Also, I do see what they were trying to do by including the sex-tips pamphlet, but something about it just kind of took me by surprise, I guess you could say.



This is where things with the Joy Tickler get interesting.

  • The silicone material is very smooth
  • The silicone also has very little drag
  • I kind of like the rich pink color
  • I think it’s unique how the shaft has these bristles
  • This isn’t waterproof, which is always makes my vagina sad
  • The bristles, although they are unique, they do make this look like a pubic hair brush
  • The bristles don’t feel the most comfortable on the skin (more on this later)



The Joy Tickler is controlled by one button.  Press it on and the toy rumbles to life.

Now unfortunately I lost the other pamphlet (bad Rebsy!) so I’m not quire sure how long it takes to charge and how long it allows you to use it.

From what I’ve been able to observe, the Joy Tickler doesn’t take long to charge.  Like, at all.

It seemed to take ten to fifteen minutes to charge.  I didn’t use this toy for very long (more on that in the next section), but it seemed to last awhile.  I think that a charge should last you a couple hours.


Again, I might be off by a little bit.

When you charge the toy via USB cable, this pink lighted symbol will shove up near the button.  When the toy is done charging, the lighted symbol will turn off.

Here are the settings.

S1: Lowest of the three speeds.

S2: Obviously this is faster than the first, but slower than the third.

S3: The fastest of the three speeds.

S4: A fairly rapid series of pulses.

S5: A long rumble followed by a few pulses.

S6: This is basically the fourth setting, but with much quicker pulses.

S7: This will start off with a series of slow pulses, but then go into this long, low rumble.

S8: Basically this is similar to the sixth setting, but after a dozen of those pulses a low rumble follows afterwards.

S9: This setting reminds me of someone revving a motorcycle.  Imagine someone revving up a motorcycle fairly fast.

S10: I think this series of pulses is faster than the sixth setting.

S11: This setting jumps from the first three speeds.  What I mean by that is at first it will start off at a very low rumble, then the medium one, then the higher one.

S12: A low rumble, followed by a very short pulse.  The pulse is so short that it’s almost like a blip or something.

S13: A series of rapid pulses, then a long rumble.

S14: Three pulses, then a low rumble.

S15: Two low rumbles then a series of pulses.

S16: Slow pulses followed by a rumble.

S17: This one is kind of like the eleventh setting.  However, it starts at the higher speed then seems to jump down to the medium speed.

S18: A few quick pulses, followed by a very low rumble.

S19: Here we have another “motorcycle revving” like pattern.  Except this is a very weak rev.

S20: This seems to just be a fast rumble.  It’s faster than the second setting, but it’s slower than the third setting.

Hopefully the video will give you a better idea of how each setting sounds.  To turn the Joy Tickler off, all you have to do is hold the button for a few seconds.


  • There are a lot of settings
  • The vibrations are more on the rumbly side
  • With each setting, you’re kind of stuck with whatever intensity it’s set at

The reason I put the number of settings as a negative and a positive is because I just find twenty settings to be too much.  I mean, if you’re someone that loves patterns, then you’ll probably like this aspect of the Joy Tickler.  However, I just found this to be a bit overwhelming.  I just want the straight-up rumbles.



This is where I really have to tear the Joy Tickler apart.  Figuratively speaking, of course.

  • Again, the silicone feels fairly nice
  • I do like the curve of the shaft
  • I personally found the settings to be powerful enough
  • The bristles feel very uncomfortable when I try to insert the toy into my vagina
  • Even when I used it for clitoral stimulation, the bristles felt uncomfortable
  • Even with lube, it felt hard to comfortably insert the toy inside of me due to the way the bristles were dragging/grabbing onto my vaginal opening

Just something to note: I did squirt with this toy.

However, I still haven’t been able to orgasm via penetration/g-spot stimulation alone.

This isn’t the manufacturer’s fault, but just goes to show you that I still need to spend more time searching for that elusive bastard of a sweet spot.

Overall Opinion

Although I appreciate the attempt to be new and unique, I find that the bristles just really, REALLY ruin the Joy Tickler for me.


For something that’s made of silicone and is rechargeable, the price is awesome.

It’s just that the bristles REALLY, REALLY put me off.  They make my vagina grumpy.  And unless you’re into really rough texture, then it might make your genitals grumpy as well.


I would like to thank the people at Pink B.O.B. for sending me this product free of charge in exchange for my opinion.

If you are interested in buying your own Joy Tickler, feel free to check out Pink B.O.B.’s official site.

Follow me on Twitter (OfficialRebsy) or Instagram (RebsyReviews).

Feel free to check out any of my other posts.

When I first saw the Joy Tickler, I thought it was a brush.  However, the Joy Tickler from Pink B.O.B. is definitely not a brush.  It's a g-spot vibrator that has a simple design with an interesting twist.  But does this interesting twist do anything for me? If you've read any past reviews, then you should know that I'm still struggling with my g-spot.  So why the fuck would I buy this kind of vibe if g-spot stimulation hasn't worked for me? Well I'm no quitter.  At least sometimes I'm not.  In all seriousness, I've been wanting to devote more…


Design - 4
Construction - 5
Power - 6
Comfort - 2
Stimulation - 4



It is rechargeable and made of nice materials for a low price. There are PLENTY of settings. Simple controls. BUT THE BRISTLES!!!! Nothing should be as uncomfortable to insert! If the bristles were taken out or shortened, then this might be a little bit better. Also, it would probably be a good idea to make a version that's waterproof. Overall, the Joy Tickler has a lot of issues. It has potential, but until those things are fixed, then I wouldn't recommend this to most people.

User Rating: 2.2 ( 2 votes)

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