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Review: LELO Lily 2

With the recent controversy surrounding Charlie Sheen becoming the spokesman for LELO’s Hex condoms, I feel a bit hesitant posting this review. Numerous sex bloggers have condemned LELO for picking Sheen because he has a history of abuse, some of them even suggesting that everyone boycott the company all together. At first, I did not fully understand why choosing someone like Charlie Sheen was such a big deal… however, after listening to fellow sex bloggers, I can’t help but agree with them. Therefore, my review on the LELO Lily 2 will be the last one on any LELO product.

But I still need to provide a complete comprehensive review of the Lily 2, a product which LELO sent to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

After using it a few times, I have to say that the LELO Lily 2 has become one of my favorite clitoral vibrators.

However, the whole “scented vibrator” gimmick is just that: a gimmick… and not a very effective one too. I’ll explain what I mean in a little bit.

MaterialABS plastic
Total length2-3" (not quite sure)
Insertable length2"
Power sourceRechargeable
Settings8 (1 adjustable speed, 7 patterns)
Special featuresScented; lockable
Available inPlum (Bordeaux & chocolat), Pink (rose & wisteria), and Lavender (lavender & Manuka honey)
Price$139 (shipping not included)
Lube recommendationWater-based



  • Sleek, elegant, yet classy
  • Comes with a charger, storage pouch, charging cable, a sample of LELO signature water-based lube, an instruction manual, and a warranty
  • The actual box serves as a nice second storage case without taking up too much space


  • I honestly can’t think of anything I don’t like about the packaging
  • Once again, packaging is one of the areas in which LELO excels



LELO Lily 2

  • I adore the shade of purple
  • Has a unique, adorable look
  •  Ergonomically shaped
  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Waterproof (you can fully submerge this underwater and the toy will still work; Lovehoney even demonstrates this on their site)


  • Although the ABS plastic feels fairly smooth, it does feel a little grainy at the same time, which to me was odd considering how used to the velvety silicone of the Ina 2
  • What makes this vibrator different is the fact that it’s supposed to be scented; however, I couldn’t smell it at all… so this is pretty much just a gimmick that doesn’t work


  • This is perhaps one of the most ergonomically shaped vibrators I’ve ever owned.  I will discuss this more later on.


You’ll notice that there are two buttons on the Lily 2.

To turn the Lily 2 on, press and hold down the right button (I mean “right” as in “to the right, to the right,” not as in “oh, you’re SO right”). To go through each individual setting, you press and hold down the right button for a couple of seconds.

I forgot to mention that the LELO Lily 2 can be used while charging. The charging port is located on the lower, rounder end of the toy near the buttons.


A full charge takes about two hours, which will give you four hours of playtime (I’m assuming that’s on the highest setting).  This is pretty awesome because I’m sure we’re all familiar with those times where we just wanna have fun, but have to wait on our favorite toy to charge… thankfully that’s not the case with this product.

Lastly, the Lily 2 has a locking feature, which is activated by pressing and holding down both buttons at the same time. The LED light will flash a couple of times, indicating that the toy is locked. Afterwards you should not be able to turn the toy on at all. This is an awesome feature because this makes it easy to travel with, especially if you’re going through an airport and you don’t want any of your luggage accidentally turning your toy on.

Now let’s talk about the LELO Lily 2’s settings.

S1: Like the PicoBong TANO 2, there is really only one speed that allows you to adjust the intensity. Once you’ve turned this setting up to full speed, then you’ll be able to press the right button for a couple of seconds and proceed to the next setting.

S2: A slow, steady pulse.

S3: A faster, steady pulse. VEEP VEEP VEEP.

S4: A very quick steady pulse. VEEPVEEPVEEP.

S5: This setting is an escalation. What I mean by that is it starts off very low, then escalates to a higher speed, then down again. I

S6: A mix of the second and fifth settings. It’s a quick escalation. It’ll start off very low, quickly escalate to a higher speed, stop, then start again. Repeat.

S7: This one is a bit odd because it seems very, very similar to the fifth setting. But I guess the best way I would describe it as it being the fifth setting, but a little bit quicker.

S8: The last setting is what I like to refer to as an octave, or an octave jumper. What I mean by that is the toy will rumble at a low speed, then jump to a higher speed, then back down, then to a middle speed, etc., etc.  Now let’s say you’re at this setting and want to go through the speeds again.  I believe you can just press the right button down for a few seconds and it will start at the second setting.  Then you can make your way through the different pulses and patterns.

To turn the toy off, hold down the left button. This will take you back to the very first setting. After doing this, hold the button down for a few seconds again and you’ll feel the first setting gradually decrease until it completely turns off.

  • There’s a fair, even number of settings
  • The settings provide plenty of variety
  • I don’t like how you have to turn the first setting all the way up in order to progress through to the other settings
  • If you don’t like an overwhelming number of settings as well as fairly easy to use controls, then you’ll probably like the Lily 2



  • One of the rumblier clitoral vibrators I’ve owned
  • The shape allows pinpoint precision
  • Vibrations are very powerful
  • Feels very nice on the clit, perineum, and pretty much anywhere on your body due to the powerful vibrations going below surface area


  • The shape isn’t really good for just leaving it on your clit, especially when you’re on a high speed
  • When the toy is on a higher speed, it tends to numb out your hand(s), but that’s to be expected, usually
  • The “scented” part of the vibrator practically doesn’t exist.  What I mean by that is the vibrator is supposed to have a scent, but I couldn’t really smell anything.
  • Once again, LELO has managed to create a vibrator that’s both powerful and fairly quiet

Overall Opinion


Beautiful design; ergonomic; pinpoint precision; very powerful yet quiet; plenty of settingsVERY EXPENSIVE; barely noticeable smell; controls can be a little annoying; may numb out your hand



Feel free to buy the LELO Lily 2 from any of these places

SheVibe LovehoneyGet 10% Off!

As I said, this will be my last review as an affiliate for LELO.  Although I am grateful that LELO sent me this product, I just want to note that I think it’s a real shame that LELO made the decision to work with someone who has a history of abusing/assaulting their partners.

We have a problem with glorifying abusers, and the fact that LELO chose one to endorse their product just goes against everything I stand for… and that’s a real shame because they used to be a respected company that made amazing products…. Why the fuck they chose Sheen of all people, I have no fucking clue.

If you want to go on and support them, that’s fine. But until they realize what message they are sending to the public, then I’m afraid that I can’t stand by them.

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  • Ana

    Great review!

    Please could you tell me if Lily 2 is more o less poweful than Ina 2?
    Thank you very much

    • Rebsy Reviews

      Well I think that most of the time, a rabbit vibe will be more powerful than a clit vibe. Granted, I’ve tried rabbits that were weaker than the a clit vibe, but as for the Lily vs. Ina 2, I’d say that the Ina 2 is more powerful.

      Thank you for commenting!