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Review: Lovehoney Desire Rabbit

Rabbits are one of my favorite vibrators of all time. I love the dual-stimulation. However, it’s very rare that I find a rabbit vibe that provides powerful internal and external stimulation. The Lovehoney Desire Rabbit is one of those vibrators.

The Lovehoney Desire Rabbit is now one of my favorites.

This particular rabbit vibrator is part of Lovehoney’s Desire line of luxurious sex toys that were made with the customers in mind. A lot of companies say this, but the Lovehoney Desire Rabbit actually backs this up.

I’m going to move on before I fangasm even harder.

Total length10"
Insertable length5"
MaterialSilicone & ABS plastic
Power sourceRechargeable
Settings8 (all with about 12 levels of intensity)
Special FeaturesLockable
FinishesAvailable in purple
Lube RecommendationWater-based



  • The toy is embossed on the cover
  • The purple and the dark grey complement each other very well
  • Comes with a Lovehoney signature storage case, USB charging cable, and a manual
  • Storage case has a tiny hole that allows you to slip the charging cable through, allowing you to discreetly charge the rabbit





Lovehoney Desire Rabbit
Here is the little hole in the case that allows you to discretely charge your rabbit


  • I honestly can’t think of anything I don’t like about the packaging


  • Lovehoney did an amazing job with the packaging.  It does a really good job of showcasing the product and making it stand out.




  • Obviously this is a rabbit-style vibe, which provides internal and external stimulation (you all probably knew that already, but whatever)
  • The Desire Rabbit comes in a deep, rich shade of purple, which I absolutely adore
  • The little strip of gun-metal grey ABS plastic also goes nicely with the purple silicone
  • The silicone material is extremely velvety-smooth, which is fucking awesome
  • It has very little drag
  • Shaft has an upward curve that is meant for g-spot stimulation (more on this later)
  • Easy to use controls (more on this later as well)


  • Again, I can’t find anything I don’t like about this part of the Desire Rabbit
  • I cannot tell you how much I love this toy in terms of how it looks.


Before I go into the actual settings, here’s some information regarding the rechargeable aspect of the toy.

The port for the USB charger is at the very bottom of the toy.  It looks like there isn’t a hole, which threw me off at first.



However, this is what makes the Lovehoney Desire Rabbit waterproof: you’re supposed to force the charging stem into the port past the protective barrier.

This prompts the LED lights to blink on and off until it’s fully charged.



As I believe I said before, the Lovehoney Desire Rabbit has three buttons.  The button in the center is what allows you to navigate through the various settings, while the plus and minus buttons allow you to adjust the intensity.

So how do you turn it on/off?

You turn the Lovehoney Desire Rabbit on by pressing and holding down on the top plus button.  This will cause the toy to turn on at what I found to be a fairly intense speed… and that’s only just the lowest setting!  To turn the toy off, you hold down the lower minus button until the toy turns itself off.

Speaking of settings, here’s the list of them, as well as a short YouTube clip.

(Again, you use the center button, the one with the circle on it, to change settings.)

S1: A straight up rumble in both the rabbit ears and the shaft.  No patterns.

S2: Same low rumble, but it only happens in the shaft this time.

S3: Low rumble in the rabbit ears, no vibrations in the shaft.

S4: This is where things get interesting.  It feels as if the shaft is on a constant rumble while the rabbit ears do this slow pulsating pattern.

S5: Low rumble in the shaft while the pulsation in the rabbit ears has gotten a little faster.

S6: This pattern is especially interesting.  The rabbit pulsates at a much quicker rate.  With the shaft, though, a quick pulse occurs after every two pulses in the rabbit ears.

S7: Shaft- veep veep veep veep veep; rabbit ears- veepveepveep veeeeep veepveepveep veeeeeep.

S8: Shaft- veepveepveep (constant pulsations)

Rabbit ears: veepveep (two pulses for every third pulse in the shaft.  It’s kind of hard to describe.)

When you click the center button, it’ll take you back to the very first setting.

This toy has a lockable feature.  This basically means that once you activate it, it won’t be able to turn on, no matter how long you press and hold down the on button.  It’s a very convenient feature.  To activate the lock, you press and hold down the plus and minus buttons.  The LED lights will blink a couple times, then go off.  The lock will then be activated. 

That’s pretty simple and awesome.

  • There’s a fair, even number of settings that provide plenty of variety
  • The settings themselves are fairly unique, especially with the way the shaft and rabbit ears work in conjunction with one another
  • The controls are easy to use; no scrambling around trying to figure out where the fuck the buttons are located
  • I forgot to mention that it’s also fairly quiet compared to most rabbit vibe
  • The lockable feature is awesome and very convenient
  • As I’ve said in many previous reviews, I’m just not that huge a fan of fancy patterns; I just like the constant rumble



Wow… where do I even start with this?

  • The shaft isn’t overwhelmingly thick, but it’s thick enough to provide a feeling of fullness
  • The curved shaft doesn’t feel uncomfortable, unlike some g-spot toys that feel like they’re just poking around inside of me; instead, this toy feels like it’s massaging me
  • The rabbit ears are positioned so that they directly touch my clit
  • The toy is SO FREAKING POWERFUL, I have to put it on the lowest setting in order not to feel overwhelmed
  • As I said, this toy is VERY POWERFUL; the minute I turn the toy on, I feel a bit overwhelmed by the power of the toy, which forces me to click the decrease button until it’s at the lowest level
  • Seriously, this is perhaps one of the most powerful vibrators I’ve ever come across.  The curved shaft is also flexible and soft/smooth enough to where it doesn’t feel like it’s stabbing me.

Overall Opinion

Beautiful packaging; smooth and soft silicone; easy to use; rechargeable; comes with a nice storage case; a decent number of settings to choose from; VERY POWERFULSometimes the power can be a bit overwhelming, which causes me to put it at the lowest vibration level

Seriously, the people at Lovehoney did an AMAZING job on creating this product!  You can tell that they really did take all of their customers’ input and used it to create an amazing piece!


I usually don’t fangasm so hard over a sex toy, but Lovehoney, you deserve a fucking giant ass fucking cookie!

And yes, all that swearing is necessary because the Lovehoney Desire Rabbit fucking deserves it!


Once again, a huge, HUGE thank you to the amazing people at Lovehoney for sending me this product.

If you’re interested in buying the Lovehoney Desire Rabbit, then feel free to click on the button below.

The link will take you directly to Lovehoney’s site, but get this: 10% should automatically be taken off of any order that’s $10 or more.

So please do yourself a favor and check out the Lovehoney Desire Rabbit for yourself.

LovehoneyGet 10% Off!

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