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Review: The Mangina

Oh, Doc Johnson….How do you come up with some of the most interesting names?

To be honest, I really kind of hate the name of this product for obvious reasons.  However, at the same time, I do feel that it fits in some way.

Seriously, you might be cringing at the name of this product (like I am), but hopefully by the time you’re done reading this review you’ll understand (like I do) as to why it’s somewhat clever.

The Mangina by Doc Johnson takes a derogatory term and makes it appealing.


How so?  Well, Doc Johnson uses the term as a name for perhaps the most innovative sex toy on the market (at least the North American market, anyway).

The Mangina is both a dildo and a male masturbator.

Yes, you read that correctly.  I’m going to say that again in case you didn’t get it the first time.

The Mangina by Doc Johnson….is a dildo…and a male masturbator… ALL IN ONE.

So as I said, this is pretty much one of the most innovative sex toys in the market, and it’s because it takes two different products and combines them to create what should be considered the ultimate couples’ sex toy.  Which is pretty much the reason why I originally bought this as a pre-wedding gift for two of my friends who got engaged not too long ago.  Yeah, you might think it’s weird that I give sex toys to my friends, but you know what?  I say sex toys make a much better, more satisfying gift than a mother-fucking toaster.  Unless you like fucking toasters….

ANYWAYS, here’s some information I’ve posted below.  All of it was taken off of Doc Johnson’s official site.

The Mangina 

9.5″ in total length

7″ in insertable/usable length

1.8″ in width/diameter

5.65″ in circumference

Made out of UR3 (Ultra-Realistic 3.0) TPE material

Made out of antibacterial Sil-A-Gel formula



So I’m just going to post some pictures off of Google Images, just so you all know what I’m talking about before I go more in-depth with this review.

The box art.  I don’t know why, but I just feel like this is some really bad-ass artwork.  I guess it’s just the way it’s so simple as well as there not being much variation in the color scheme that really appeals to me.

The Mangina from a side-view.  As you can see, the dildo part of the toy is designed with hyper-realistic veins that should provide you (or your partner) with plenty of stimulation. 

Here’s a view of The Mangina’s masturbator.  As you can see, it kind of resembles a butt.  Whether you’re homosexual or heterosexual, I can see how this can be a good visual while you’re doing you’re thing. 

Now that you’ve all seen what it looks like, I’m going to do something different: since this isn’t my toy, I’m going to just tell you what I think of the toy based on what I’ve observed and what information I’ve read up on it.  

So first, here are some things that I think are really cool about this toy:


As you can see from the pictures above, the entire toy has this amazingly realistic look to it.  For the dildo, you see these veins that cover the whole shaft.  It’s not the most realistic, but it’s realistic enough to where it’s easy to feel as if you’re getting the real thing.  The masturbator end of the toy also kind of looks realistic, what with the hole and the butt-cheeks…or at least it looks like butt-cheeks.  

Doc Johnson’s UR3 material is also known for feeling somewhat like skin.  I’d say it feels more like baby-skin, as creepy as that sounds, especially when you’ve applied the renewal powder after cleaning.  So the material also makes it feel like you’re inserting a (somewhat) real penis inside of you or that you’re inserting yourself in a (somewhat) realistic anus.  

God, that word “anus” is so fucking weird….


As I said before, this product is made out of UR3 material, which is a type of TPE material that’s supposed to mimic the feel of real skin.  It’s very soft, especially when you apply the renewal powder after cleaning the toy with warm water and antibacterial soap/toy cleaner.  As I said before, it feels as soft as baby-skin, or skin that’s moisturized….okay, I feel even creepier for typing that last part out……


….MOVING ON!  So I don’t know if anyone knows this already, but I don’t have a penis, unfortunately.  However, I did make sure that nothing was broken with the toy by putting my index finger inside of it…okay, in all honesty I just wanted to know what it felt like!  DON’T JUDGE, THAT’S ALL I DID, I SWEAR!  

Anyways, the inner texture of the masturbator is really interesting.  Upon entering, there’s this series of ribs that really grab onto you.  What’s even more interesting, however, is that when you get to the middle where the dildo and masturbator are joined, you’ll feel this little passageway that’s decorated with all of these bumps.  So I think that it’s really awesome how there’s a bit of variety that you can get when using this toy.

Even though my ability to review this product is rather limited, I still have one big issue with it:

I think that the masturbator part is a bit too small.  I don’t know how big my friend is, and to be honest it would be quite awkward to ask.  But still, it just seems that the inner chamber of the masturbator is a bit short, so I don’t know how it would be possible to use it as an penis extension.  Also, it seems that the toy doesn’t really stretch out that much.  I knew that would be something of a problem; since this is more of a 2-in-1 kind of toy, making the material too thin/too stretchy would possibly ruin it.  So the masturbator end of the toy is the one aspect of this product that I think could use some improvement.  

As I said at the beginning, I think that this product is really innovative, and to be even more honest, I think this could change the game of the entire adult novelty industry.  Seriously, masturbators and dildos have always been sort of separate classes, and what Doc Johnson seems to have done is brought them together to create the ultimate couples’ toy.  I think what would make this toy even more innovative would be the creation of some kind of hole where a bullet vibrator could be inserted.  I think that would make it even more fun for couples to use, since both partners would be receiving the same stimulation.  

With all of that being said, however, with something that is so brand new, there are bound to be some downfalls.  For The Mangina, size is definitely a factor that I can see being a problem for some people, especially when it comes to the male masturbator.  Overall, this is definitely a toy for either couples or the ultimate male sex toy.  If you’re a guy, you can use both the male masturbator to stimulate your penis, and the dildo to stimulate your prostate.  If you’re a couple, and you’re interested in buying a toy for both of you to use, I think this would be a good place to start, but keep in mind that the toy is a bit high maintenance due to the material it’s made out of, so be sure to give this a good, thorough cleaning.  Make sure to use ONLY WATER-BASED LUBRICANTS.   

Also keep in mind that this might not be the most durable of products, but I’m sure that if the people at Doc Johnson keep working on toys such as this that they’ll create the perfect couple’s toy!  But for now, I would only buy this if you want to experiment with something; if you’re looking for something to last, then I would look for something different. 

Now, here is what my friends Jack & Jill (I know, CREATIVE) had to say about this toy:


I first must say that when me and my fiance first heard of the mangina by Doc Johnson, we looked at each other with excitement, confusion and with the intent to use this product by all means all at the same time. We couldn’t understand how something like this would work but had every intention to try it none the less. So we gave this product a healthy shot.

The mangina is a two sided toy. One side has a very realistic feel of an erected penis. The other side has a soft inner ribbed tunnel representing a vagina. The outer layer of the mangina feels very much like real skin in my opinion.

For those using the penis side: Prepare yourselves for a great time! From its soft, mildly veiny outer layer representing skin to its firm inner layer right underneath that feels like a real firm, erected penis, this side offers not only a realistic touch in hand and is easy to clean but also a pleasurable size. Of course this will vary depending on what size penis you prefer. I recommend checking first with your seller for more details on sizes.

For those using the vagina side: I’m a guy and from a guys stand point i’m proud to admit that i’m above average in size. I’m about 7 1/2″ long and about 1 1/2″ thick and I found that the beginning part in the female side of the mangina to be near perfect size for me. From it’s very soft, scrushy outer and inner layer to its stimulating ribs upon entry, the vagina part is fantastic in my own opinion. However, if you penetrate deep enough you may find it to have too much tread as they say. For me, I don’t like a lot of tread so I keep to the beginning part and I’m still able to enjoy it. Now, to all straight guys, you may be thinking to yourself at this point, (why would I want to hold a realistic penis dildo in my hand while pleasuring myself at the same time?) Well, this is a great point. Especially considering that their will be times when your women is going out of town and you want to use this product by yourself in the privacy of your own room. No worry’s! If you feel uncomfortable with holding the penis end while pleasuring yourself than there is a quick solution. (You know how at one point in your life you may have heard of the term “F*ck your couch”? Well… you see where i’m going with this? Do exactly that! Only in this case instead of literally f*ucking your couch you can insert the penis end into a soft, sharp less crack of your couch, bed or chair and than imagine your in doggy style position. Your imagination is endless!

Make sure to keep the product and your area as clean as possible every time after every use and take every necessary step possible to keep your area clear of stains.


I’d like to thank Jack & Jill for taking the time to provide me with their thoughts on this product.  If you would like to purchase your very own Mangina, then feel free to check it out at either of the following links:



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