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Review: Manuel Ferrara Realistic Dong

Seriously, I just have the hardest time coming up with creative titles for these things….

So in my last review, I talked about a toy that was fairly…fantastical, I guess is the right word?

Well now I’m going to back to a more realistic realm of pleasure….okay, please pretend you didn’t just read that, as I’m now cringing and hiding underneath my 20-pillow cave….

Moving on, for those of you who watch porn, whether regularly or occasionally, you might recognize the name Manuel Ferrara.


Here’s a picture of him, in case that light bulb hasn’t quite lit up in your head yet…

Okay, this probably wasn’t the best one to start off with, but I couldn’t resist.  This picture just screams, “BITCH, I’M FABULOUS!”

That’s better!  Mr. Ferrara is a multiple AVN-award winning performer…in fact I think that he and James Deen have both won “Male Performer of the Year” quite a few times!  (All credit belongs to the original owner.)

I’m going to be reviewing a toy that’s literally been made in his image. 

The toy is (you guessed it) The Manuel Ferrara Realistic Dong by NS (New Sensations) Novelties.  I believe that New Sensations is also a fairly huge company that creates adult DVD’s that Ferrara has starred in himself plenty of times.

I mean, that would make sense, given the fact that they even bothered to make a toy molded after his manly man-goods…

Manly man-goods?  Seriously?  

ANYWAYS, here’s some basic information about this product.  All information was paraphrased/ taken off of the DALLAS NOVELTYand NS NOVELTIES websites.  


Made out of PVC material

8″ total length

6″ insertable length

Suction-cup base

1.5″ width

4.5″ circumference



If you want to see the information for yourself, please feel free to check out either of those links.

So before I get into the review, I just wanna get some fan-girling out of the way.

For awhile, I wasn’t a huge fan of Manuel Ferrara.  I don’t know why, he just didn’t quite do it for me.  

But as my tastes changed, I started looking up more of his work.  Now it’s gotten to a point where whenever I see a Manuel Ferrara video, I just clench my pussy in anticipation.  I do this because I know I’m in for a good treat.

When I watch porn, I like to imagine myself as the girl getting fucked.  Therefore, for me personally, the guy’s performance is a factor that determines whether I’m enjoying a scene or not.  And one thing I don’t like is when the scene has a male performer that acts like a drunken frat boy who is not the least bit concerned about the woman’s pleasure; this just makes the scene look scripted.

However, with Manuel Ferrara, you’re not ever going to get that kind of performance.  He seems to be the kind of performer where I’m watching him and just feel that I’m watching a very authentic encounter between two sexual beings.  For example, when some guys perform, they just have the girl on her stomach and just pound the living shit out of her from behind and not say a single goddamn word.  With Manuel Ferrara, he puts more variation: one minute, he’ll be pounding the living shit out of his co-star, and the next he’ll drop it down to a more slow and sensual grind while he leans forward and whispers something in his co-star’s ear.  Sometimes he’ll smack the side of his co-star’s face, and before I wasn’t usually turned on by that at all.  But he doesn’t do that in a way that is abusive.  He doesn’t do that in an abusive manner; instead, he does it in a more “show-me-what-you’re-made-of” kind of gesture.  That, combined with the way he gets all up in the actress’ face, just adds a lot more heat and authenticity to a scene, in my personal opinion.  Overall, he’s a performer that is very passionate and seems to make his co-stars forget that they’re performing in front of a camera.

Okay, I’m done fan-girling now.  For the moment, anyway.

So I’m going to follow the same format as I did with my BAD DRAGON REVIEW, since that allows me to be more thorough in my review.



As stated before, this toy is made out of a PVC material, which provides it with this very firm, very sturdy feel.  Because it is very firm and sturdy (and the fact that it has a suction cup), it’s able to stand up on its own very well, even if you don’t really use the suction cup.  I find that a lot of times, whenever a toy is made out of PVC material, that the toy gets a lot of texture.  I mention this because whenever I have this toy inserted in my body, I can really feel the toy rubbing against all of the pleasurable spots in my vagina. 

Not only that, but I found that this makes the toy very nice to use for stimulating my clit, even when there is a bit of lubricant applied.  Sometimes there are toys that feel a little too soft, especially when you have a generous amount of lubricant lathered onto the surface.  But based on my personal experience, this toy felt perfect and provided enough textured stimulation, even with a generous amount of lubrication.

Here’s me squeezing the shaft.  I can wrap my hand around it, so for me it’s not too big.  

SPEAKING OF LUBRICATION, I should mention that it’s probably wise to just use a water-based lube with this toy.  Based on the what I’ve read online, people are 50/50 when it comes to whether this toy is compatible with silicone lubricant, but just to be safe I would recommend that you stay away from silicone with this toy.  However, if you’re feeling courageous/experimental, then go ahead and try silicone lube with it, but don’t be surprised if you find the toy melting or getting sticky afterwards.  



Now, in case you couldn’t figure it out, realistic dildos are meant to look like the real thing.  And in case you couldn’t tell, I was being a bit sarcastic, because I’m sure you already knew that, yet I for some reason felt compelled to mention this.  

Anyway, when it comes to dildos, I usually prefer the more realistic ones because I find it easier to build up “momentum” right before I start having a little sexy-time.  

With that being said, I think it’s safe to say that NS Novelties did a great job on capturing every detail.  

See how freakin’ realistic those testicles are?  It’s kind of scary how companies are able to replicate that kind of detail.  But as I said, I found that the wrinkles on the testicles did provide some clit stimulation.
Also, notice the veins on the shaft?!  I absolutely love it when companies go and make little details like that stand out.  For me, it plays a role in creating a fantasy, so the more realistic something looks, the easier it is for me to get into the fantasy.  Hopefully that makes sense?  Anyways, I also love how the tip is just all like “peek-a-boo!” from underneath the foreskin.  As I said, NS Novelties did a great job with this one.



I’m just gonna go ahead and say that I was a little surprised.  I was a little surprised because I thought Manuel Ferrara was much bigger than 8 inches.  That’s not to say that he’s small, because 8 inches is definitely not small at all, but I guess that I’ve been spoiled by other dildos I’ve used in the past.  Plus, the fact that the people working in porn often manipulate camera angles to their advantage is something to take in consideration. 

Again, my photography skill (cough) at work here.  In all seriousness, this is to just give you an idea about the length of the toy.  As said before, it sports a total length of 8″ with 6″ of insertable length.
Here’s another picture to give you an idea about the thickness of this toy.  Again, this toy is 1.5″ in width and 4.5″ in circumference.

So in terms of length and girth, I still found this to be a pretty good size.  Unlike my Bad Dragon toy, I still got that feeling of fullness even when I was lying on my back.  However, like with most (if not all) of my toys, I got an even greater feeling of fullness whenever I was on my stomach.  I didn’t get that “stretched-a-little-beyond-my-limits” sensation as I did with the Bad Dragon toy, but honestly that was kind of a relief.  I’m not always going to be in the mood for that feeling. 

I also found that this toy, whenever I was on my stomach, made it very easy for me to move my hips up and down the shaft and still feel the detailed veins.

So overall, if you’re someone that is more experienced with bigger-than-average sized toys, then this would most likely be a better item for you to purchase.  If you’re a beginner, though, and you really want to try this toy out, just remember to not force anything, take it slow, and use a generous amount of lubricant.  As a matter of fact, I would recommend stimulating your clit in conjunction with first insertion of this toy.  I’m saying this because the first time I inserted an 8-inch toy into my vagina, there literally was blood on the towel by the time I was done.  So use common sense and pay attention to your body.  

As for me,  like I kind of said, I expected this toy to be a little bit bigger based on seeing Manuel Ferrara in action.  But it’s still has a bit of length and girth to it.



I honestly don’t have much to say when it comes to this aspect of the toy.  It works well, it sticks to any hard/non-porous surface, and is easy to remove at the same time.  

The suction-cup base allows you to stick the toy onto any hard, non-porous surface.  But I’m sure you probably already knew that.  I don’t know if you can tell, but you can kind of see the “New Sensations” logo above the suction cup.  My camera sucks, so you probably can’t see it in this picture XD



Now, this is where I kind of feel a little iffy.  It kind of relates back to the part where this is supposed to be phthalate-free.  I’ve heard from other sources, such as one of Ms. Kara Sutra’s videos, that if a toy has a plastic smell to it, chances are some phthalates have been used to make the product.  For those of you that don’t know what phthalates are, basically they’re just toxic chemicals, and since sex toys aren’t regulated, companies can just lie and say that things are phthalate-free when they’re not.  

So ever since learning about that, I’m a little concerned about the fact that this toy does have a chemical, plastic smell to it.  It’s not overbearing, but at the same time it still does worry me a little bit since the company does say that it’s supposed to be phthalate-free.  That’s why I probably will not be using this toy way too much.  And if you’re concerned yourself, but don’t want to throw away your toy, then the best thing to do is just put on a condom.  So yeah, always check to make sure your toys don’t have that smell.  FYI, materials such as silicone usually don’t have it (the smell, I mean).  


Although this toy is probably not as phthalate-free as it is claimed to be, I wouldn’t say to completely forsake this toy all together.

I would recommend this toy if:

-You like toys molded after performers

-You like a bit of size & girth

-You are a fan of realistic toys

-You like an uncircumcised dildo

-You are just a fan of Manuel Ferrara in general

However, I would not recommend it to anyone who:

-Is very new to trying out sex toys

-Has a strong sense of smell (due to the plastic scent)

-Doesn’t mind putting condoms on toys

-Likes toys to be bigger than 8 inches

-Just likes that painful, stretched-beyond-your-limits sensation


If you would like to purchase your very own Manuel Ferrara Realistic Dong, then please check out at NS NOVELTIES’ OFFICIAL SITEDALLAS NOVELTY.COM, or SEX TOY.COM.  Again, as with most of the toys I’ve reviewed, I bought this off of Amazon, but I would recommend that you buy directly from the manufacturers themselves, just so you don’t run the risk of being ripped off.

 Also, please make sure to check out my other reviews.

Until next time, feel free to post any comments/questions down below!  

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