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Review: Merrement Symphony

Hello everyone!  My friend Dieter from Tried It Online is doing a guest review on the Merrement Symphony vibrator as part of a little collaboration that we’ll be doing!  So please read her review and check out the links I’ll post at the end!


As you well know Rebsy, I am completely in love with the Merrement Symphony Rabbit Vibrator. I think it’s the best value I have ever seen rolled into a package so sexy one might even call it a little evil looking! It’s such a great value, I have mailed you one and challenge you to guess the real price!

The Symphony has a nice list of positives:

  • Soft and Smooth Medical Grade Silicone

  • USB Rechargeable

  • Sound Activation Mode

  • Touch Control

  • Waterproof

  • 7 Stimulation Modes

  • Quiet and Powerful

merrement silky soft It’s looking a lot like a luxury sex toy description isn’t it? That’s why you won’t believe when I tell you I picked up this vibrator for less than twenty dollars! At this price point, this vibrator is extraordinarily stellar. At any price point it’s a really nice vibrator.

The sexy design is bold and aggressive.

The materials are excellent quality and the price is low. What more could you ask for? Two motors, yep it has those. A rabbit that actually touches your clitoris? THEY NAILED IT! The bulbous shape of the tip of the secondary rabbit portion ensures a large area of contact is made which is unusual for me. I’m usually twisting, turning, stretching, pushing, and pulling trying to get the clitoral vibrator in the right place for…merrement5

Accurate Clitoral Stimulation

Finding a Rabbit that fits your particular anatomy is just luck. I hit the jackpot on this one. I was in awe when it felt it press down like a big thumb into just the right spot. I have often wondered if the industry could standard these things into sizes. Yeah right! So I guess you just have to depend on my assessment that this one will fit a lot more women than it won’t fit.
The insertion tip of the Merrement Symphony rabbit vibrator is large and in charge. The heavy bulb at the tip counterweights the vibrator nicely and gives a great sense of fullness on entry. To top it all off, it responds to sound, conversation or music and that is why it is called the Symphony, but that actually isn’t my favorite detail. My favorite thing about this vibrator is that it is touch sensitive and the product literature does not even mention it.

Sound & Touch Sensitive

How funny is that! I was fooling around with it and noticed some random on off cycles that I couldn’t match to a sound. I was getting pissed about being sent a haunted vibrator that was being controlled by music I couldn’t hear when I looked at it and noticed something. My fingers were near a small hole.merrement5

I quickly realized that the microphone must be in that hole and it was so sensitive it was picking up the sound of my fingers when i touched near it, making my touch activate the device. If I was the manufacturer. I would recall these babies reprice and repackage them. I received a sample of this item for review. I have actually purchased another and you can get yours from merrement.com today for $??.??. This is hands down the best value I have ever come across in a sex toy.

Thanks for letting me ramble on your blog!

Dieter Lintion http://triedit.online


Once again, I would like to thank Dieter for asking me to be a part of this collaboration!  Please check her out here:

Tried It Online (Official Site)

Tried It Online (Instagram)

Tried It Online (Google+)

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