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Review: Naughty Candy Heart

So after seeing the title of this blog post, you might have some questions such as:

1.) Why are you putting candy in your ass?

2.) Is this thing ACTUALLY made out of candy?

3.) If it is, can you eat it?  

Well, if you put anything in your ass, I would highly recommend that you don’t eat it…but hey, your body, your choice….okay, you probably didn’t ask that question, but I can’t tell what you’re thinking!

To answer the first and second question, no: I’m not putting candy in my ass because the product I’m talking about ISN’T ACTUALLY MADE OUT OF CANDY.


The product that I’ll be talking about today is called the Naughty Candy Heart Plug by Blush Novelties…

…is stating the name of the product in the actual post kind of redundant, since I’ve already put the name in the title?  Perhaps.

ANYWAYS, the Naughty Candy Heart Plug is a butt-plug made by Blush Novelties, and in case you couldn’t tell already, butt-plugs are basically toys that are designed to go into your (yes, you guessed it) butt.

But (he-he) before I get into the actual review, I just want to say that even though I’m still learning a lot about sex toys, masturbation, and sexuality in general, I’m especially a noob when it comes to anal-sex.  It always seemed scary to me…like, how can those ladies in those movies take all of those cocks like that?!  How do they never end up pooping on them?!

My reaction as I see some of these vids/pics where girls will take 7-8 inches up the pooper…

Well, I was relieved to find out that a lot of times accidents do happen on porn sets, so that just goes to show you how video-editing makes everything look much easier than it probably really is (yeah, no shit, Sherlock).

But another thing that has fascinated me was how some women (and men) have stated that they can have orgasms through anal stimulation.  I mean, I understand men getting orgasms like that because they have prostates, but I just find it fascinating how there are women who prefer anal sex over vaginal sex because of how they experience these incredible orgasms.

So, I started messing around with some anal play not too long ago because I figured it would be worth a shot.  I mean, I still have not been able to have a g-spot/vaginal orgasm and therefore I thought maybe I could have an anal-induced one?

And now here I am, talking about one of my butt-plugs!

As usual, I’m just going to post some basic information about the toy’s features and what not (all info was gathered off of Adam & Eve).

The Naughty Candy Heart

• Silicone material (non-porous, flexible, & sterilizable)

• Material provides a smooth, satin finish

• 3.5″ long, with 3″ of insertable length; 1.5″ at the widest part

It comes in pink, purple, or yellow, with different sayings/phrases on each one.  
As you can see, “Spank Me” is engraved on the yellow one.  I thought this one was the most appropriate, since I do like to be spanked.  But for pink’s engraved with “Be Mine,” and purple with “Do Me Now.”

I found that compared to my other plug, which is this tiny, jewelled, fake-steel thingy-do-hickey, the Naughty Candy Heart was a little bit bigger in length and width.

Even though the Naughty Candy Heart butt-plug is bigger than my faux stainless steel one, it’s still fairly small, making it perfect for beginners.

Alright, so here are some of the things I really like about this product:


As I said before, this butt-plug was a little bit bigger than my other one.  The other one was pretty easy to insert, albeit a little sharp, but this one provided a little bit of a challenge at first.  However, it wasn’t much of a challenge to say the least, especially after warming myself up with other toys and applying lots of lube.  Once the toy was inserted, I really enjoyed being filled up, but not in a way that over or underwhelming.  As with most anal toys I’ve tried out so far, the most intense part is first inserting it into my body.  So if you’re a beginner, this would probably be a good place to start, but at the same time I would recommend that you warm up with something else first, like a finger or whatnot. 


It’s silicone, which if you haven’t figured out by now, is pretty much the best material out on the market.  Not only is it one of the safest, but I found that the material made this toy extremely smooth to the touch, smoother than human skin. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever spent as much time practically PETTING a toy as I have with this one.  As creepy as that might sound, I guarantee that if you decide to buy this product that you’ll catch yourself doing the same exact thing, SO DON’T JUDGE!  


In case you possibly couldn’t tell by now, the Naughty Candy Heart butt-plug is a cheeky (*snorts*) take on the actual heart-shaped candies.  I feel that this is precisely what makes this product stand out from a lot of other sex toys on the market.  With the way that the base has a heart-shape and the tip of the shaft is round and smooth, this toy can appeal to almost anybody.  Also, the heart-shaped base really makes it easy for the toy to stand up on its own, which I found to be just a little perk about this toy.  

If you’re a beginner (like me) and are wanting to try out anal-play, then I personally think it’s important that you buy toys that aren’t intimidating, and Blush Novelties really did a good job on that. Seriously, if you’re gonna stick something up your ass, you should at least stick something that you like to touch and look at!

As a side note, whenever I inserted this toy inside of me, the rounded tip didn’t feel as sharp as the one on my fake-steel jeweled plug.  There was a still a bit of intensity when first getting it inside, but that’s just a matter of making sure you’re fully relaxed and have applied lots of lube.  

I personally can’t find anything I don’t like about this toy, honestly.  I mean, I kind of wish it came in a small storage bag, but that’s not a big deal because you can pretty much put this in anything.  I just have to make sure that this isn’t touching any of the other materials, since I own other toys that are made out of TPE/TPR/PVC materials.  

In the end, I can definitely say that this toy is probably one of the reasons as to why I will continue experimenting with anal-play.  It’s cute as fuck, it’s pretty small, and the material is really smooth and safe.  So if you’re looking to try some anal-play, then I would definitely recommend you buy this toy. 

The only thing I will mention is that when it comes to any anal-play, almost everyone says that the most important things to do are to USE LOTS AND LOTS OF LUBE, AND BE PATIENT.

Do not rush it.  Go at your own pace.  Make sure that you’re relaxed.  

Also, if you’re worried about having an “accident,” then they say it’s best to just make sure you go to the bathroom beforehand and make sure you’ve emptied everything of your system.  Yes, pooping is a natural bodily function, but it’s still gross.  If it happens, it happens, don’t freak out over it; clean up and try again.

So if you are interested in buying your own Naughty Candy Heart, I would suggest you buy it off of ADAM & EVE because that way you know you’re not gonna get ripped off by anyone on Amazon, and plus if you look up some coupon codes, you’ll get some really cool stuff as well!  Also, feel free to go onto the BLUSH NOVELTIES official website if you want to see the product for yourself!

Here are some video links you can check out if you wanna learn more about the Naughty Candy Heart Butt-Plug by Blush Novelties:





So I just wanna ask: do any of you ever have anal sex?  Do you enjoy it?  Or have you not done it yet and are interested in trying it out?  Feel free to answer in the comments below!

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