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Review: The LELO Ina 2

It feels like it’s been awhile since I’ve written a review about a vibrator.  To be honest, due to the way I’ve changed my writing style as well as the product itself, I’m not quite sure how to approach this review.  But fuck it, let’s just do it!

…okay…probably wasn’t the best choice of words…moving on!
The product I’m reviewing is the Lelo Ina 2 vibrator.  For those of you who don’t know, Lelo is a company that’s originally based in Sweden, and has become one of the biggest manufacturers of luxury sex toys.

What I mean by “luxury” is how a lot of all of Lelo’s products are rechargeable and are made of the highest-quality materials.  So it makes sense as to why their stuff is some of the most expensive you’ll find.  I originally bought mine off of Amazon (fucking lame on my part, I know), and even then the price was anything but cheap.

So anyways, the Lelo Ina 2 vibrator is perhaps not only one of Lelo’s most popular products, but it perhaps one of the most popular rabbit-style vibes on the market (that is not taking into account some of their more recent innovative products).  Hopefully by the end of this review you’ll understand why.



Insertable Length3.75"
Base Diameter1.4"
Modes3 Speeds, 5 Patterns

Whew, that is quite a bit of information!  But there’s plenty more to come, so be prepared for a long-ass read.

Design and Packaging

One of the things that I really like about this product doesn’t really have to do with the actual product itself.  What I mean is that the packaging for this vibrator: it’s simple, yet absolutely elegant.


As you can see in the picture above, the Ina 2 comes in a nice black box that you can use to store it whenever you’re finished or if you’re planning on traveling with the toy.  You’ll also notice that the Lelo brand is engraved on the very top of the box, which I think even adds more to the simple-yet-elegant look of the overall packaging.


Aside from the actual Ina 2 vibrator, you’ll get a packet of instructions (which also includes the warranty information) in a bunch of different languages, the charger for the toy, a separate storage pouch, and a sample of Lelo-signature lube.  As you can see from the picture, I no longer have that lube sample, but I do believe you get one when you order the toy.



Honestly, when you get a toy as expensive as this one, you really want to feel like you’re buying a luxury product, and with this simple approach to packaging I think the people at Lelo do a great job of getting that across.  There’s no tacky artwork, no overabundance of colors, no crude logos, just a simple, elegant black box that’s got everything you’ll need aside from the actual product.

Now let’s talk about the design of the actual toy:


As you can see from the picture, the Lelo Ina 2 also sports a very simple, yet elegant look as well.  The bulbous shaft and clit stimulator are both purple while the controls (which have LED lighting) are white.  As I said before, the toy is made up of silicone, but I BELIEVE that the controls are made of some kind of ABS plastic material…I’m not quite positive on that, though.



Based on the way that the shaft is curved upwards, this toy is very good for g-spot stimulation and as I will say further on, that definitely was the case.  What’s even more interesting is the way the clitoral stimulator is shaped.  This is said to be a rabbit-style vibrator, but one of the things that separates this product from other rabbits is that the clit-stimulator isn’t made to look like bunny-ears.  Instead, it just kind of looks like this purple bulbous prod.

I’ll talk more about how this design affected the feel of the product, but for now I’m just gonna say that before coming across this product, I only knew that rabbit vibrators all had rabbit-ears…so this just goes to show you how a rabbit-style vibrator doesn’t necessarily have to have any “bestial” element to its design (thanks, Capt. Obvious).  As long as there is both a shaft and a clit-stimulator, then the product can be called a rabbit vibrator.

So if you’re someone that’s not into the bunny ears or are looking for something that just has sophistication emanating from it, then I’d recommend you check this one out.

Comfort and Feel


As was said at the beginning, this toy is made out of silicone.  At least the purple shaft and clit-stimulator are both made of silicone.  If you’ve read any of my previous reviews, silicone is usually known for non-porous and one of the most body-safe materials on the market.  Not only that, but certain kinds of silicone are known for being softer than others, and that was definitely the case for this toy.  I am not joking when I say that the silicone material is so freaking soft and smooth that it almost feels softer than velvet.  When I first got this toy awhile back, I couldn’t stop petting it because it was just so unbelievably smooth!  However, keep in mind that despite how I say it’s soft and smooth, this toy is by no means flexible.

The shaft on this toy is extremely firm; the rabbit ears are a little firm as well but they’re much more flexible.
Now based on my own experience as well as reading other customer reviews, this is a toy that might not be the most comfortable at first.  I say this because of the bulbous shaft.  It packs a lot of girth and for some women (and men, I guess), that could prove to be a bit too much.  This is also true given the fact that the tip is pointed upwards for g-spot stimulation.  So if you’re someone that is very sensitive and does not like a lot of girth, then maybe you might not like this toy.

However, just let me tell you: I used to not like this toy that much for that particular reason.  When I first bought and tried it out, I was really disappointed that I had wasted all of that money on Amazon for something that I didn’t end up using all too much.  But here’s how that changed for me: as my body was becoming more and more used to toys of larger sizes, I learned how to make my lower body relax.

I know that sounds extremely simple, but trust me, it was hard at times given the fact that this toy felt like someone was trying to put a shovel up inside my body.  The toy felt like it was just jabbing and jabbing at the upper walls of my vagina, and for quite awhile, this toy fucking sucked.  But after learning to put my whole body as ease, to not automatically clench up down there actually helped me a lot.  Another thing that was helpful was lube.  As with any toy that packs a lot of length and/or girth, lube is something that will probably make your experience much more pleasurable.  Eventually this grew to become one of myfavorite toys.  But even today I still have to re-teach myself these basic lessons.

So overall, if you’re someone who loves smooth-velvety silicone, then you’ll love this toy.  The silicone material just screams “luxury” as you trace over the curves with your fingertips.  However, with that being said, if you’re someone who prefers flexibility, then this might not be the toy for you.  It’s very hard and the girthy shaft is meant for g-spot stimulation, so there’s a good chance that you’ll be uncomfortable when first trying this toy out.  But hopefully if you just try to relax yourself and use a lot of lube, then hopefully you’ll find yourself enjoying this toy more.

And as I always say, listen to your body: if it feels like you can’t take it, there’s no shame in that.  If you want to keep trying, go ahead, or if youdon’t, then that’s perfectly fine as well.  Just know that if you do find this toy to be extremely uncomfortable that you’re definitely not alone because that’s one of the most common problems people have had with this toy in their reviews.

Power and Settings

Before I get into the speeds and patterns and what not, I just want to go ahead and talk about the controls themselves.  Here’s a picture:


I believe these controls are made out of ABS plastic, or something similar to that.  As you can see from the picture, there are up, down, left, and right arrows.  The up and down arrows allow you to navigate through each setting while the left and right arrows allow you to choose the intensity of those said settings.

To turn this toy on, though, you have to press the right arrow button (or the button facing East, if you will).  By pressing the East button you will gradually increase the intensity and power of each setting.  To turn this toy off, you have to press and hold down the West button (the left arrow) until it stops vibrating.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that once you turn off the toy by pressing down the left button, no matter what setting you were previously on, the toy will go right back to the first setting.

This toy also comes with a locking feature, where you simultaneously hold down the left and right buttons until you see the white LED light flash once.  Then you shouldn’t be able to turn on the toy at all, which is a really nice feature for when you’re traveling through airports and what not.
All of this should be pretty obvious, but hey, I figured I should explain just in case!


Another reason I went ahead and explained this has to do with the settings themselves.  A lot of rabbit-style vibrator, hell, vibrators in general have speeds and patterns set up like this: 1 is a low constant vibe, the 2nd is medium, and the 3rd is the highest.  Afterwards you get your patterns and pulsations.

What makes the Lelo Ina 2 different is that even though there are 8 speeds, it doesn’t follow that typical formula.  I’ll try to describe each setting to you in words, and maybe afterwards I’ll try to post a video so you can get a better idea of what I’m talking about.

So here are the settings:

Setting 1: This is the constant vibe.  There’s no fancy patterns or pulsations, just a constant throbbing vibration.  This particular setting will get the shaft and clit stimulator working.  Again you can choose the intensity of this setting by using either the right or left (East or West) arrowed buttons.

Setting 2:  Again, you get that constant throbbing vibe. However, unlike the first setting, the vibrations only go off in the shaft.

Setting 3:  Once more, there’s that constant vibration.  Instead of it being in the shaft, the vibration is (you guessed it) only going off in the clit stimulator.

Setting 4:  This is where you start to get those fancy patterns.  This first pattern is cool because there’s the vibration that switches from the shaft to the clit stimulator.  It’s kinda of like a tennis match where the shaft will vibrate for a few seconds, then pass it on to the clit stimulator, and so on and so forth.  Again, you can use the left and right arrows to increase the intensity of each level, so just keep that in mind.

Setting 5:  This second pattern is best described as a quick heartbeat.  What I mean by that is both the shaft and the clit stimulator simultaneously vibrate in this heartbeat pattern.  That’s pretty much the only way I can best describe it.

Setting 6:  Now this one is definitely one of the more interesting patterns.  Again, both the clit stimulator and the shaft are vibrating in unison.  However, the way they vibrate is kind of like how a person would rev up their car’s engine.  More specifically, both the shaft and clit stimulator start off with low rumbling vibration.  In seconds that vibration escalates to a much higher intensity, then goes back down again.

Setting 7:  Similar to the sixth setting, this setting does do that “engine revving” type of vibration.  However, it’s also like the fourth setting where you get that tennis match going on.  What I mean is that you’ll first get that revving vibration in the clit stimulator, then in the shaft.  So it’s kind of a hybrid between those two.

Setting 8:  This setting….I honestly don’t really know how to best describe it.  You know how you hear vocalists go up and down octaves?  Well, imagine that, but with vibrations instead.  You do get that tennis match going on a little bit, but at the same time it’s more of like those “call and response” kind of things.  Like, the shaft will do this really high, intense vibration, lower it a little bit, then the vibration will go into the clit stimulator, then back into the shaft again.  There’s just a whole bunch of craziness going on with this particular setting.
So those are all of the settings.

Personally I only use the first one because I just prefer that constant vibration over the patterns, which is sad in a way because I feel like for something this expensive that there should be more than one setting I like to use.  But then again, I might not have just experimented with the other ones well enough.  Anyways, I can definitely see this toy being used on someone who’s tied up and blindfolded as their partner just teases and surprises them by switching through all of these settings.  However, if you’re someone who doesn’t like all the fancy-shmancy patterns, then perhaps you’d be better off spending a little less money on something else.

Noise Level

As I said before (many times) that this toy allows you to have more precise control over the speed/intensity with the left and right arrows.  Therefore this toy is pretty versatile.

But what I also found to be very cool about this toy was the fact that it was very quiet.  Granted, when you have it turned up to the highest level it’s a little buzzy, but even then it’s still fairly quiet compared to most vibrators out on the market.

This is going to sound crazy/weird/creepy, but one time I used this toy underneath the covers while someone else was in the room with me.  Granted, I had it on a fairly low setting, but still they didn’t notice that something else was going on underneath the covers….

Hey, when it comes to sexy-time and someone interrupts me, I’m not a quitter!  Especially right as I’m getting to the very, VERY good part!

So yeah, pretending that you didn’t just read that, if you’re someone who wants something that’s powerful and quiet, then I would most definitely check this bad-boy/bad-girl out.


Another cool thing that this product has going for it is the fact that it’s waterproof.  Now when I say waterproof, I don’t mean “yeah, it’s waterproof except for the battery-compartment which they SAID was supposed to be waterproof, but it actually isn’t!” Instead, I mean IT’S ACTUALLY FULLY WATERPROOF.  Don’t believe me?  Fine, check out the link to Lovehoney’s review and see for yourself.

But yeah, I’ve had this toy for almost a year now and numerous times I have completely submerged this underwater in my bathroom sink…and not once has this toy started falling apart/malfunctioning.

I think that even if you have the charger cap-thingy open while underwater that it’s still waterproof.  Just don’t go into the deepest depths of the ocean or the deep end of the local town pool….whichever one is closer to you, don’t go too deep…go ahead, make your “That’s what she said!” joke….



So yeah, as I believe I said, this toy is rechargeable.  Whenever the toy is charging the white LED lights on the controls will light on and off.  When the toy is completely done recharging, the white LED lights will stay on until you unplug it.



If you’re not a fan of battery-operated vibrators, then you’ll definitely love this.  However, what I’ve noticed is that most rechargeable vibrators seem to completely shut off while you’re charging.  What I mean by that is if you’re in the mood for some sexy-time but you’re waiting for the toy to charge, you can’t use the toy while it’s charging.  And I don’t know about you, but for that usually kind of sucks.

However, with this toy you can still use it while it’s charging.  I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal but for me, when I’m in that mood it’s a huge bonus when I can use it while simultaneously recharging.

So again, if you’re not a fan of battery-operated toys, check this out.  If you hate having to wait on toys as they’re recharging, check this out.

Side Note

I just want to mention again how this toy felt very uncomfortable for me at first.  Again, this was due to the girth of the shaft as well as its firmness.  It’s not flexible in the least bit, so keep that in mind when looking at this product.  Hell, even the clit-stimulator was a bit too rigid for me at first too.  But what made my experience much more enjoyable was the use of generous amounts of lube and relaxing my lower-body.

After doing that, this has become one of my favorite sex toys.  Hell, there have been times where I’ve squirted.  Granted, my squirting orgasms don’t feel as satisfying as other orgasms, but hey, at least something’s happening!
In all seriousness though, this does give me plenty of great full-body orgasms and if you just take your time with this toy, you might like it as well.  However, everyone is different so I’m not going to make you any promises.

Overall Opinion

Rechargeable, waterproof, high-quality silicone, powerful, classy design, and quietExpensive, a bit uncomfortable at first, not flexible



Even though I originally purchased this product off of Amazon, I still highly encourage that you check out the product at LELO’S official site by clicking on the (affiliate) link below:

LELO Ina 2

When I first got this product, I wasn’t an affiliate, but now I am, so if you follow me on Twitter, you can know whenever I’ll offering discount codes on products such as the Ina 2.

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