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Review: Shane Diesel Realistic Dong

I remember a time when the biggest challenge for me (in terms of sex toys) was the Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies 8″ Ballsy Cock (a mouthful, I know…god damn it, another pun).  It took a few weeks for me to get used to it, and let me tell you, there were times where it really hurt.

Alas, that was a long time ago…nah, it wasn’t that long ago, actually, who the fuck am I kidding?  But since that time, I’ve moved on to bigger challenges.


I’m going to talk about another dildo that’s been molded after a porn performer’s….fancy-bits.  Okay, I really need to stop coming up with these childish terms.  PENIS!  This toy has been molded after another human’s PENIS!  There, that’s much better!

ANYWAYS, to stop beating around the bush, the toy I’m talking about is the Shane Diesel Realistic Dildo.  Remember when I reviewed the MANUEL FERRARA REALISTIC DONG?  Well this toy is made by the same company, NS Novelties.  I believe both Diesel and Ferrara have performed for New Sensations in the past…that would make sense, since they even bothered to mold their penises!

So here’s a picture of Mr. Diesel’s toy along with some of the measurements:

Here’s the design of the packaging.  Picture found via NS Novelties’ official site.  Links will be posted later.

Picture found via NS Novelties’ official site.  Information below found via Adam & Eve, NS Novelties, and other video sources I’ll post later.  

The Shane Diesel Realistic Dildo

10″ total length

7.5″-8″ insertable length

2″-2.5″ width

Suction-cup base

PVC material

5.5″ girth (I think)

5″ circumference (I think)


I’m sure some of you may have heard of Mr. Shane Diesel, but in case you haven’t, he is known not only for his (obviously) rather large penis, but also for his appearance in a lot of cuckold porn.  If you don’t know what cuckold means, look it up…Urban Dictionary is your best friend.

But anyway, I’ll be honest and say that I was never really attracted to him all that much in the beginning.  However, after watching some of his “work,” I have found myself becoming a little bit of a fan…not a huge fan, but just a little.  It’s nice to watch his stuff every now and then…

I also just find the sight of a large penis to be really arousing.

Fuck it, I think the sight of any penis turns me on, really.  But you didn’t really need to know that…?

So before I go off on another random tangent, here’s what I think about this toy:



Again, I’m going to be a little honest and say that when it comes to dildos, I prefer a lot of girth.  I think that a lot of women prefer girth over length, but I don’t have any statistics to prove that.  But anyway, this toy has got a hell of a lotta length and girth to it.  Whenever I inserted this toy, either while on my back or stomach, I did get a full/stuffed sensation which is something I’m very fond of, personally. 

Although this should be obvious, I’m gonna say it anyway: this product is by no means a toy for beginner’s.  

Nope.  Not gonna happen.  Well, maybe it could happen, but let me tell you: if you’re fairly new to dildos or sex toys in general, I would highly suggest that you wait and build up your “tolerance” before tackling this beast of a dildo.  Yes, I said beast, because that’s pretty much what it is…hell, I can BARELY wrap my hand around the shaft!

So when I say this isn’t for beginners, you better believe that THIS ISN’T FOR BEGINNERS!  However, if you feel that you’ve gradually made your way up to bigger sizes and want to try this out, then please read this carefully:

1.) Warm the fuck up.  

Use smaller toys first, gradually moving onto the next size when you find that you’re comfortable enough.

2.) Use lube.  Like, a whole fucking lot of lube. 

 From a cis-female’s perspective, even though vaginas are self-lubricating, I can guarantee you that won’t be enough when you get around this guy.  This toy’s pretty much the Kracken from Clash of The Titans…you’re gonna have Liam Neeson yelling in your head when you come face-to-dick with this thing.  But anyways, use a more than generous amount of water-based lube…even if you think you’ve applied enough to yourself and the toy, go ahead and apply a little bit more.  Otherwise you’re going to feel as if you’re being ripped apart, and unless you’re into that, that feeling isn’t going to be any fun whatsoever….I can only imagine what this would feel like in someone’s ass…

Pretty much. (Image found via Google Images.)

3.) Go slow.  Like, reaaaalllllllllllllll fucking slow.  

When I first got this toy, I made sure to put it in as slowly as possible…hell, even getting the tip in took a bit of time for awhile!  But aside from using a shit-ton of lube, this is pretty much the only other thing to do if you don’t want to completely overwhelm yourself.

So if you follow these tips, and just pay attention to what your body tells you, then you shouldn’t have a completely hard time getting it in…but again, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR BODY!  If you feel like you’re being torn apart, STOP!  Stop and try again later.  Like I said before, an 8″ dildo used to be a huge challenge for me…in fact, sometimes I would bleed after using it, so if you find yourself experiencing the same thing with this toy, then it’s time to give yourself a break.  

I forgot to mention that even though I’m not quite an anal-expert (yet), I think that the same rules I’ve mentioned could be applied…just pay attention to your body.  I cannot stress that enough.

Well now that I’ve probably made this toy seem like you’re going to be dropped into a war-zone, let’s get on the rest of this review, shall we?




As with the Manuel Ferrara dildo, NS Novelties seemed to do a pretty good job at being as realistic as possible.  Sure, the veins do seem to be a little exaggerated, but at the same time I found that they provided a lot of stimulation.  Especially when I would insert this while lying on my back.  Hell, even when I was on my stomach, there was plenty of provided stimulation.  So again, if you’re a fan of realistic toys, then perhaps you’d like this toy…again, if you’re fairly new, please refer to my previous tips.



Now as I literally just said, I liked the realism that this toy provides.  I also said that the pronounced veins on the shaft provided a lot of stimulation…however, the material of the toy kind of makes the toy uncomfortable after a certain point.

What I mean by that is yeah, the toy feels great once you’ve got it all lubed up and you’re going to town on it, but once some of the lube dries up, the material of the toy kind of feels like it’s scratching your insides (especially the veins).  That was what I experienced, anyway.  

I just find it interesting how unlike the Manuel Ferrara dildo that the material of this toy was much, much harder.  With the Ferrara toy, I could at least squeeze the shaft a little bit, whereas this one kind of feels a bit too hard and rough in texture.  

However, I did find that this roughness in texture did allow me to stimulate my clit whenever I was lying down on my stomach.  Like with my DAVID THE WEREWOLF DILDO, I was able to get that stimulation from kind of grinding on the testicles while the shaft was inserted.  I mean, the werewolf dildo doesn’t have balls, but you know what I mean (hopefully)!

I’m not sure why that is, though, because both material are supposedly made out of PVC…now granted, I’m still learning a lot about sex toy materials, but I guess the difference in texture and firmness is due to the kind of PVC that was used when making it?  Maybe?  I have no clue, honestly.  

I should probably also mention that whenever I used this toy (while on my stomach), that getting the toy out of my body wasn’t the most pleasurable experience.  Even after climaxing, I found removing the toy after some of the lube had dried up to be a bit uncomfortable.

Lastly, for this section, I’m a bit suspicious as to whether or not this toy is as phthalate-free as it’s claimed to be.  I say this because just like the Manuel Ferrara dildo, there is a slight plastic, rubbery, chemical scent whenever I go down to sniff it, which might sound weird but hey, I gotta be thorough!

So since I’m not sure whether this is completely phthalate-free, I would recommend that you put a condom on the toy or just not use the toy all to much in general.  

So with that in mind, if you like a rough texture, then by all means check this toy out.  Again, I would just recommend that you use a condom since I’m not quite sure myself whether this is completely phthalate-free.  Your body, your choice though.  If you find that your body is quite sensitive, then maybe this toy wouldn’t be the best for you.  



Most of you probably know that a suction cup base allows you to use a sex toy in the shower or on any flat, non-porous surface.  So it’s good if you want to fantasize about taking it front behind and what not.  

Anyways, there’s honestly not much I can say about the suction cup on this product.  It seems to work well for the most part.  However, the toy is itself is kind of heavy so I found that it would kind of peel itself off after a little while.  But other than that, it’s a pretty strong base, but don’t leave it sitting upright overnight (ha, that rhymed!) because then it could fall off and get dirty….not the good kind of dirty, anyway. 

Here’s another picture of the suction cup w/ the NS Novelties’ logo above it.



As with a lot of my reviews, at least on dildos, I talk a lot about what the experience of actually inserting them is like.  Well I feel that with this particular toy that I should probably mention something I experienced.

You’ll notice that a lot dildos (depending on the type you get, I guess) that they’re either curved slightly downward or upward.  With this toy, the shaft doesn’t really curve, but at the same time the shaft kind of looks like it’s at a geometric angle.  I’ll see if I can get a picture to explain what I mean:

Here we go!  The good old obtuse angle we all learned about back in Geometry class.  Bet you didn’t see that coming!  In all seriousness though, the Shane Diesel toy seems to naturally be in this obtuse-like angle where the shaft is kind of pointing up in a straight line, but not in a vertical-way.  Meanwhile, imagine the horizontal line as the testicles.

I hope that picture helps you understand what I’m talking about?  Anyways, since the toy is kind of naturally angled that way, I found that inserting this toy while on my stomach was a bit difficult.  I kind of had to take the shaft and bend it so that it would go in, but the base would keep getting out of place, so then I just had to continually re-adjust myself until I finally got it where I wanted it.  Thankfully I was able to fully insert it at some point.  But that’s kind of what I meant by titling this section “Insertion/Design.”

Here’s a bird’s eye kind of view for ya…

However, there’s another reason as to why I gave this section that title.  I previously mentioned that I really liked the realistic detailing…however, I was a bit nervous at first because of the shape of the testicles.  

As you can see from the picture, they’re not as “flat” as testicles usually are on most dildos.  Nope, instead, these are kind of bulgy.  Due to the rough texture that I mentioned before and the bulginess of the testicles, I was worried that they were going to jab my clit. Seriously, I thought it was going to feel like something pushing on my clit as if I were one of those fucking gum-ball machines or something.  

Thankfully that wasn’t the case.  After lubing up and getting myself into position, I found that the balls didn’t jab my clit.  And as a matter of fact, the texture in the testicles was absolutely awesome (it’s just that the shaft was a bit too hard).  

WHEW!  This has been such a long post…now for the important part(s)!  Also, here’s a definitely NSFW picture that came with the toy!


I think I made this a much more in-depth review because I honestly have mixed feelings about this product.  In other words, I’m kind of on the fence, as they say. 

I love the way it fills me up, but it’s not something that I play with a lot because it gets to be uncomfortable sometimes.  Which brings me to my little final shin-dig thingy……….

I would recommend this product if:

-You’re a fan of big toys

-You’re a fan of Shane Diesel himself

-You want to add to your porn star collection 

-You like a lot of textured stimulation

-You don’t mind putting a condom on your toy (b/c again, not completely sure about it being phthalate-free)

I would not recommend this product if:

-You’re a beginner

-Your body is sensitive

-You’re put off by the slightest hint of that plastic scent

-You don’t like to put condoms on your toys


 If you are interested in purchasing your very own Shane Diesel Realistic Dildo, then feel free to check it out on NS NOVELTIES’ OFFICIAL SITE or ADAM & EVE.  

Feel free to check out some of my other reviews as well.

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