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Review: Super Hung Heroes “Rock Hard Man”

I haven’t been reading comics for very long, in fact I’ve only started reading them for the past year and half. So you can only imagine how fucking excited I was when I saw that Doc Johnson had the Superhung Heroes Collection.  Since I found the Incredible Hunk would’ve probably destroyed my vagina, I thought that the Rock Hard Man would be the second best option…

…unfortunately I couldn’t fucking find it anywhere except for Amazon (and honestly I don’t trust Amazon anymore when it comes to buying sex toys).  Thankfully the awesome people at Star Sex Toys came in riding a majestic unicorn while offering me a discount for the RHM.  Of course I took their fucking offer, because it was a fucking awesome offer!

So…. the motherfucking Rock Hard Man…. let’s do this!


Super Hung Heroes: Rock Hard Man*


8” total length

6.8” insertable length

6.3” girth/circumference

Made of 100% Platinum Premium Silicone




Available in gold only


LR: Water-based

(* Information paraphrased off of Doc Johnson & Star Sex Toys’ official sites)

 (* Shipping not included)





djrhm2The packaging is fucking badass.  I absolutely love it!  I love how the toy is prominent on the front against a comic book/graphic novel style background.


djrhm4Seriously, it looks so much like a Marvel comic, which makes sense since this is loosely based on a Marvel comic character.  It highlights the aesthetics of the toy beautifully and just gives off a fun vibe that anybody (whether having read comics before or not) can appreciate.




The Rock Hard Man has a unique shape to it; it’s probably one of the most unique and creative designs I’ve ever come across.  Granted, since this toy is based off of Marvel’s iconic Iron Man character, it would only make sense to make this toy resemble the character in terms of shape.

djrhm10The Rock Hard Man is a dildo that does not have a flared base or a suction cup of any kind.  Instead, the bottom is completely flat, which enables it to stand upright on its own.  It’s only available in gold, which I feel really does pay tribute to the superhero that the toy’s based off of.  If you look really closely, you can see how the gold has a shimmery hint to it.


Honestly, based off of this item as well as what other times that are a part of this collection, the shapes are probably some of the most unique on the market.  I mean, Doc Johnson really went all out with this product: the head of the Rock Hard Man looks like the character’s helmet while the rest of the shaft mimics the rest of the Rock Hard Man/ Iron Man suit.



This toy is made out of a type of silicone that has a bit of a drag.  It doesn’t feel velvety soft, it feels very firm and glossy.  This makes it easy for a ton of lint, crumbs, and almost everything else to get stuck.  Cleaning isn’t a problem, though.  What’s weird though, is that if you look on Doc Johnson’s site and read the info on the Rock Hard Man, it’ll say a ton of shit about how it’s supposed to be made out of silicone, but then talk about how it’s made of TPE and other porous materials.  However, the burning test reassured me that this is made out of nothing but silicone, so no worries there.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.39.28 AM

If you’re looking for something that has a unique shape and has lots of detail, then the Rock Hard Man is probably something you’ll enjoy a lot.




This toy is about six inches in insertable length and about six inches in girth.  I’m not gonna lie, at first I just went “pfft, that’s not very big!”

Super Hung Heroes "Rock Hard Man"

Well let me tell you: this thing is fucking thick.  Granted, I didn’t find it to be unbearably thick, but it’s definitely thick enough to where I felt slightly stuffed.  The head seems to be a bit smaller than the rest of the toy, so that makes inserting the toy much easier.  That’s not to say that I found inserting the rest of the toy to be that hard.  It was just one of those toys where I could really feel my vagina being stretched out.


One thing I should mention is this button-looking thing on the shaft.  It’s actually not a button that you turn on, it’s just to match the design of the Iron Man costume it’s based off of…that should be fairly obvious, but hey, I figured I should mention that just in case.

djrhm16Anyways, although the toy has a little squish, it still seemed a bit uncomfortable to insert the button part inside of me.  I guess it was just a little much since the toy’s thick enough, and having that button just kind of brought about this rough, almost tearing-like sensation.  It also seemed to scratch me whenever I would try to get it to go in further.  Applying more water-based lube did help the problem, but at the same time it still was a bit uncomfortable.

Other than that, this toy did provide me with plenty of g-spot stimulation, which was nice.  At the same time, I’m conflicted: the Rock Hard Man feels nice when I use it, but it’s not like it’s the best experience I’ve ever had.  It stimulates me enough to get me to squirt, but I just don’t get that butterflies in my stomach feeling like I do with other dildos.  That’s probably because the toy doesn’t really have much of a curve, so I kind of have to maneuver it upon entering my vagina so that it really massages the anterior wall.  But again, it does stuff me up quite nicely, but what’s the point if I can’t have that pinpoint g-spot stimulation as well?  See the internal (literally) conflict that I’m dealt with?



One of the biggest reasons I went with this was to find a tool to help me learn how to deep-throat.  Yeah, as silly as that may sound, it’s true nonetheless.  I wanted to buy something that was big enough to help me desensitize my gag reflex, and so far I’ve only used it a couple of times for that purpose.  This toy is pretty freaking huge and since my TMJ is pretty bad, it gets a bit difficult to practice.  Anyways, I’ll probably update this blog post as I continue practicing.


Overall Opinion

I’d recommend the Doc Johnson Rock Hard Man if:

-you have Superhero fantasies (esp. ones about Iron Man)

-you enjoy a lot of girth

-if your g-spot is very sensitive (I guess?)

-you LOVE the “full” sensation

I wouldn’t recommend the Doc Johnson Rock Hard Man if:

-you’re looking for precise, heavy duty g-spot stimulation

-your g-spot isn’t sensitive (I guess?)

-you’re new to sex toys (start smaller)


I want to thank the people at Star Sex Toys for sending me this product at a discounted price in exchange for my review.

If you’re interested in buying the Doc Johnson Super Hung Heroes Rock Hard Man for yourself, click on the link below.

Super Hung Heroes: Rock Hard Man (Doc Johnson) on Star Sex Toys

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