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Review: Tantus Cush O2

I’m sure I’ve said at one point in my Tantus reviews that when I first heard of the company, I didn’t quite see the appeal…. until I went and actually looked at some of their products.  Then I was like, “This looks pretty fucking awesome, I should try and get on this!”

One of the first products that drew me to Tantus (and was probably the very first one I asked for) was the Tantus Cush O2.  Almost everyone (at least every sex toy blogger) raved about this toy about how amazing it felt and how gorgeous it was.  When I saw this toy for the first time, I fell in love as well.

I mean, look at this fucking thing!


Tantus Cush O2


7” length

1.75” diameter

100% Ultra-Premium, dual density silicone





Harness compatible

Matte finish

Available in candy pink, ice blue, and twilight purple


LR: water-based


(*All information taken/paraphrased off of Tantus’ official site.  Links will be posted later.)

 (**Price-listing doesn’t include shipping)




I pretty much don’t feel like going into detail about this aspect…. Read my reviews on the Tantus Starter or the Tantus Flex if you wanna know how I feel about the packaging.  Overall: I love it.





The particular model I received came in candy pink.  Usually pink isn’t one of my favorite colors since I think it’s overrated, but the shade of pink for this product is very pleasant to look at.  I can see why the people at Tantus decided to call this “candy.”  But what I found to be really attractive about this product was the iciness of the pink.  What I mean by that is the way the pink and white complement each other.  You’ll notice that the pink blends into the white and vice-versa, sort of giving this toy a light strawberry milk color.  Fuck it, you can look at the pictures yourselves.





tco2_9Now before I got this product, I’d heard from many sex toy reviewers that this toy felt very realistic.  Well after trying it out, I think that in some ways it is and isn’t at the same time.  It’s realistic in terms of feel.  What I mean by that is the dual-density, 100% ultra-premium silicone gives the Cush O2 a softer, squishier exterior while providing a hard, firm inner core. The tip of the dildo is especially squishy, which is nice since it won’t feel like you’re shoving an eraser inside you…not that I would know what that feels like, but I’m sure you get what I mean.  This toy is also fairly flexible.


Although the Cush O2 doesn’t go all the way in terms of aesthetically being more realistic, I found that when I had inserted the Cush O2 that it felt very, very similar to a human penis.  But what makes this toy not too realistic is pretty obvious: 1.) the color.  I mean, if your penis looks like that, I’d recommend seeing a doctor or something.  2.) the shaft.  On the shaft, instead of veins or wrinkles, you get these two ridges that are highly-pronounced on the shaft.  This is meant to provide extra stimulation for your g-spot, but I will go into more detail about sensation later on.


Lastly, this toy doesn’t feature a suction cup.  Personally, I’m beginning to prefer toys that don’t have suction cups because it just feels awkward holding onto it while thrusting toys in and out of my body.


I don’t think ultra-realism was Tantus’ goal when they set out to make this toy.  Although Tantus does sell realistic dildos, I think this toy was just designed to not only be a dildo but to be a beautiful work of art as well, and if that was their goal then I think they accomplished it really well.  But even though the Cush O2 isn’t the most realistic in terms of appearance, it still feels realistic once it’s inserted….at least it felt fairly realistic to me, anyways (aside from the ridges, of course).



The Cush O2 is almost two-inches in girth and believe me, that definitely leaves me feeling full.  The feeling of fullness is one of my favorite sensations EVER, so the fact that this beautiful toy provides me with that is absolutely awesome!

Remember when I said that there weren’t any veins or wrinkles on the shaft?  Well the ridges on the Cush O2 kind of make up for that.  Whenever I inserted it inside my vagina, I could kind of feel the ridges rubbing up against the anterior wall, which brought about this tingling, “I-feel-like-I-have-to-pee” sensation.  For those of you who might not know what that means, usually the “I-feel-like-I-have-to-pee” sensation indicates that the g-spot is being stimulated.  This can lead to squirting, which I’m not going to get into right now because there’s just way too much I’m still learning about that particular topic.  The point is is that the ridges really do serve their original purpose of stimulating the g-spot, and although I have yet to experience a g-spot orgasm (as I’ve said before in numerous other times), the Cush O2 still stimulated me to the point where I found myself squirting.  Granted, it wasn’t like a hose was flying and spraying everything in its path, but it was enough fluid to leave a decent-sized wet spot on the towel underneath.


So why are the sensations I felt both a positive AND a negative?  Well, it doesn’t really have to do with the Cush O2, it really has to do with me.  I know that saying, “it’s not you, it’s me” saying is such a cliché, but it’s absolutely true in this instance.  As I said before, and I’ve said numerous times, I find it very difficult to have an orgasm via penetration alone.  Apparently I’m not the only one, which does encourage me knowing that I’m not alone, but at the same time I feel that it does affect my experience with a lot of products that are meant to be used solely for penetration.  Granted, one’s creativity can allow them to use a sex toy in whatever way they desire, but for me I feel like if you used a dildo for anything BUT penetration, that would be like playing volleyball with anything else BUT an actual volleyball.  I hope that analogy makes sense to those of you reading.

To summarize, my temporary inability to experience a penetration-only-induced orgasm kind of prevents me from fully enjoying, from fully reaping the benefits of using the Cush O2.  However, that doesn’t mean that the Cush O2 didn’t give me any pleasure.  In fact, I enjoyed using it a lot; I loved the way it stimulated by g-spot, I loved the full-feeling once I inserted it into my body.  So if you’re someone that does find it easy to reach orgasm through penetration, then you’ll probably really enjoy the Cush O2.

Overall Opinion


I’d recommend the Cush O2 if:

-you’re looking for safe, non-toxic toys

-you’re looking for toys that are aesthetically pleasing

-you are capable of having an orgasm via penetration

-you crave that feeling of “fullness”

I wouldn’t recommend the Cush O2 if:

-you have a difficult time reaching orgasm via penetration alone


I want to thank the awesome people at Tantus for sending me this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review.  Again, this is one of those instances where I don’t want to manipulate anyone’s opinion, but I honestly am glad that I got this toy.  It really is a beautiful piece of artwork and even though I haven’t been able to come by using that alone, it still feels amazing!

So with all of that being said, if you are interested in purchasing the Cush O2 for yourself, feel free to click the buttons down below:

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