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Review: Tantus Flex

Double-penetration is a fantasy that I’ve had for not too long.  I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because of porn because I honestly didn’t watch much porn that had double penetration.  I think that my desire in attaining that feeling of fullness is what attracts me to double penetration.  Just the thought of having two cocks simultaneously pounding at me…giving me all of the attention…filling me up until I think I’m about to burst…. in case you can’t tell, it really gets me going. Unfortunately, I find it difficult to live out this fantasy due to the fact that I’m shy, therefore I’m extremely hesitant to pursue two penis-wielding humans that would be willing to participate. This is where the Tantus Flex comes in and saves the day.

Tantus Flex


5.25” shaft length

1.5” shaft diameter

4.75” anal bead length

0.75” anal bead diameter

Made of 100% Ultra-Premium silicone

Has 1 removable bullet vibe

Takes 1x 1.5 V N type battery




Anal-safe (duh)

Suction-cup compatible

Available in purple haze or midnight purple


Lube recommendation: water-based


(*All information was taken and paraphrased off of Tantus’ official site.  Links will be posted later.)

 (*Price doesn’t include shipping)


Although I try to not manipulate the tone of my reviews before getting into the categories, I gotta say this: I fucking love the Tantus Flex.

I think that this toy is absolutely a great buy and hopefully you’ll understand why I feel this way after you’re done reading.  I’m not going to spend as much time on some categories since my opinions aren’t really different from those in my Tantus Starter review, so go check that post out if you want.




The packaging for the Flex is the exact same as the packaging for the [Starter] so my feelings are no different.  I still think that the packaging is fun and refreshing to look at.  It also does a good job of making the product stand out and look friendly to potential buyers.




Like all Tantus products, the Flex is entirely made of silicone.  This particular type of silicone material has a bit of drag to it, but that honestly doesn’t bother me too much.  It seems to slide in easily with just a little bit of lube.


I received the Purple Haze model, and let me tell you: this thing is fucking gorgeous.  I’m sure you’ve all read how much I like purple (I mean, look at the fucking site, it’s like someone just threw up purple on the screen).  This particular design, though, has these little “vines” or “ripples” throughout the toy that are a darker shade than the rest of the toy, which I thought just gave it a really unique appearance.  I don’t know if “vines” or “ripples” are the best adjectives to describe it, but hopefully the pictures will help you understand what the fuck I’m talking about.

Pretty fucking cool, huh?

Well what’s really, REALLY fucking cool (I don’t know why I insist on continually using the word “fucking”) is the fact that you can honestly live out any double-penetration fantasy, which for me is a huge bonus! The anal probe (god, “probe” is such a weird word) is only a few inches away from the other shaft.  Thankfully it’s firm and not floppy like most anal beads are (at least the ones I’ve used, anyway).  But thankfully it’s very flexible so it’s easy to comfortably maneuver it into your butt.


Believe me, it wasn’t easy trying to get both the dildo and anal probe inserted into me at the same time.  You’ll also notice that at the bottom of the toy there’s this huge hole.  That hole is for the Tantus bullet vibe that comes along with the Flex.  I’ll talk more about the bullet in a little bit, but let me just say that I don’t really use it all too much.  Instead I just leave the bullet out and use the hole to put one of my fingers inside of it.  I find that this allows me to sort of have a better grip on the toy as I’m thrusting it in and out of my body.  It feels kind of awkward at first, but believe me, I was way too focused on other things to be worried about that shit.




tf4As I believe I said at the beginning, the Tantus Flex takes one 1.5V N type battery… I have never heard of such a battery, but it’s very small and it’s the only one that fits in the Tantus bullet vibe.  There’s only one speed and it’s an extremely high speed.  It’s so powerful that whenever I put the bullet vibe on a hard surface it looks as if it’s in the middle of having an exorcism.  So if you’re one of those people that loves the fancy-shmancy patterns, then look elsewhere.



Despite the fact that this bullet vibe is very powerful, I found that whenever I inserted it into the hole at the bottom that the vibrations would get muted.  So the vibe wasn’t powerful enough to reverberate throughout the entire toy, but it did provide a slight buzz.  I will go into more detail about how that affected the sensations this toy provided in the next section.




I’ve said this before and I will say it again: I love the idea of having both of my holes filled up.  I love how it makes me feel so high that I’m about to burst or have both my eyes roll into the back of my head.  It’s absolutely fucking amazing.

Tantus Flex

The main dildo part of the Flex is thick enough to where it does provide me with a feeling a fullness, but it’s definitely not overwhelming.  It only becomes a bit more intense once the anal probe is inserted inside of me.  Seriously, the thickness of the dildo and the bumps of the anal probe just brought that butterflies in my stomach feeling, and it was so intoxicating and intense that I honestly couldn’t believe that I had never tried anything like this before in my life.  I even squirted at one point.  Granted, I still haven’t been able to have a penetration-induced-only orgasm, but just that high feeling alone is worth it to me.  Plus, I just enjoy that feeling of releasing all of that fluid as it gushes out and down between my legs.

Would I recommend this to people who are just starting out with anal?  Maybe not.  I say this because, from a cis-hetero female’s perspective, the sensation of having something in your vagina and your anus at the same time can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re just exploring that kind of play.  I would suggest that you become somewhat familiar with whether you actually enjoy having something in your butt at all before conquering this toy.  That way the sensations won’t be unbearably overwhelming.  Also, remember to use more than enough (water-based) lube.

Overall Opinion

I’d recommend this product if:

 -you’re familiar with anal play already

-you’ve had DP fantasies

-you like intense, full sensations

-you are looking for toys made of safe, high quality materials

-you like toys that are just really diverse in terms of sensations

I wouldn’t recommend this product if:

-you’re not into anal…like, at all

-you’re starting to get into anal

-you’re just starting off w/ sex toys


I would like to thank the amazing people at Tantus for sending me the Flex free of charge in exchange for my honest review.  I am so grateful that I get to work with a company like Tantus, so if you haven’t heard of them yet, make sure you do so by clicking on any of the buttons below!

Feel free to check out any of my other posts and let me know what you think!

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