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Review: Tantus G-Spot

One of the reasons I asked for the Tantus G-Spot was because I thought it would magically help me discover that secret area I’ve searched for for so long.  Unfortunately, my g-spot is kind of an elusive motherfucker, even with toys such as the Tantus G-Spot.

I have heard countless stories from other women how explosive g-spot induced orgasms felt as they recounted how their bodies wiggled and squirmed uncontrollably.

As for me, I have yet to experience such a phenomenon, but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe it exists.  In fact, me wanting so desperately to experience this type of bliss was the main reason why I’ve been seeking out g-spot oriented products for some time.

Thus, on the digital yellow brick road of YouTube, I came across Erika Lynae’s video review of the Tantus G-Spot, where she went on to proclaim the toy’s proficiency in providing superb g-spot stimulation.

Looking at the Tantus G-Spot, I thought I had found the holy grail, the tool that would help me ease all of those doubts that have been contaminating my mind for some time.

Perhaps I just put extremely high expectations, but using the Tantus G-Spot has not worked any miracles yet.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I think getting this toy is a complete waste of time.  In fact, I think that the Tantus G-Spot is a vibrator that will come in very handy as I continue exploring the hidden realms of my vagina.

(I don’t know why I keep trying to sound so poetic and shit.  This isn’t The fucking Odyssey.)

Now let’s get on with the actual review of the Tantus G-Spot.


Total Length7"
Insertable Length7"
Material100% Ultra-Premium Silicone
Power Source1x 1.5 V N type battery
Settings1 speed
Special FeaturesHarness compatible and suction cup compatible
Price$90.26 (shipping not included)
Lube RecommendationWater-Based


Once again, this Tantus product came in Tantus’ usual packaging.  Feel free to refer to my reviews on the Tantus StarterTantus Flex, or the Tantus Cush O2.  I just feel that it’s kind of pointless to keep repeating what I think about the packaging when I’ve already stated it before.

Guess that’s just me being lazy.  Oh well!




  • This is one of the most unique looking g-spot toys I’ve come across
  • It looks like some kind of really fat, alien finger due to the bulbous tip
  • This particular shade of purple is gorgeous; not tacky, not too deep
  • Very smooth silicone
  • Very little drag
  • The ridges toward the base make for ergonomic handling
  • Hole in the bottom for the bullet vibe
  • Since the bullet’s removable, you can use the toy and the bullet separately



Before I go on, I just want to say that I just learned why Tantus puts holes in the bottom of their vibrators.  You know how most vibes make you unscrew the toy, then insert a battery?  Or how there’s a motor actually built into the vibrator?


Well, with vibes like the Tantus G-Spot, there’s a removable bullet so that if the battery starts to corrode or anything, it won’t mess up toy as well.  Instead, it will only mess up the separate bullet vibe, so that you will only have to replace that instead of the entire toy.

Now, moving on!

  • Hmm, honestly the only thing that I really don’t like is the fact that this attracts lint quite a bit. It’s not too serious, though
  • I personally don’t find this to be an issue, but this toy isn’t all that flexible, which might be an issue for some people
  • Oh, and unless you put lube in the hole, you’ll have a hard time getting the bullet out
  • Hell, even when you put lube in the hole (hehe), it might be difficult to get the bullet out


Once again, there really isn’t much that I haven’t already said.

The Tantus G-Spot, as I said before, comes with a one-speed bullet.

  • One-speed bullet, which is nice and simple
  • Easy push-button control
  • Fairly powerful
  • It’s on the buzzier spectrum of vibes; more on that later




  • The shaft is fairly thick, providing a feeling of fullness
  • Bulbous tip really provides direct g-spot stimulation
  • Since the g-spot stimulation is very direct, it’s very easy for me to squirt
  • The little ridges on the lower end of the shaft provide additional internal stimulation
  • The silicone makes it pretty easy to insert and feels really nice against my vaginal walls


  • Like Erika Lynae said in her video, I also found the toy sometimes getting caught on my pubic bone
  • The power of the bullet seems muted whenever it’s inserted into the bottom of the Tantus G-Spot
  • As a result, I don’t really use the toy with the bullet all too much

Overall Opinion


High quality material; ergonomic; direct g-spot stimulation; beautiful design; very "filling"Might be too big for some; attracts a little bit of lint; might get caught on pelvic bone

I also forgot to say that this could be used for prostate stimulation as well.  However, Tantus makes a model similar to this one called the P-Spot, but other than that this toy can be used by pretty much anybody.

Tantus G-Spot

The Tantus G-Spot is also probably the best toy for those that are well in tune with their g-spot and/or are able to orgasm by penetration.

But as for me, I don’t feel as if this was a disappointment.  This toy does feel good for me, but I’m sure that it’ll be even better once I become more well acquainted my g-spot.


Special thanks goes to Tantus for sending me this product in exchange for my honest review.

If you would like to purchase the Tantus G-Spot for yourself, feel free to check out any of the places down below.

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