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Review: The Tantus Starter

I first heard of Tantus through numerous other sex toy bloggers.  Everyone seemed to raving about Tantus, and honestly at first I didn’t understand the hype.  “What’s so special about them?” I thought to myself.

After looking seeing some of their products,  I can definitely see why people love Tantus so much.

By the time you’re done reading this review for the Tantus Starter, I hope that you’ll become a fan as well.



I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

So let’s get all of the essential information out of the way first!




Made of 100% Ultra-Premium dual-density silicone

Around 5” in total length

4.8” of insertable length

1” diameter





Harness compatible

Available in purple haze, black, or sunset

Price: $39

Lube recommendation: Water-based


(*All information taken off of Tantus’ official site.  Links will be posted later.)








If you haven’t read my previous posts, then you’ll know that packaging is one of those things that can influence my expectations of a product.  I feel that a sex toy’s packaging is basically a company’s way of telling you how you should feel about a product.  For example, if you get something where the packaging is black with dark red, Goosebumps-like font, then the toy will get a more dangerous edge to it.  On the other hand, if the packaging has a lot of bright, pastel colors, or cartoon figures decorating it, then chances are it’s going to have a more “fun” vibe.

Well in this case, I think that Tantus’ packaging fits more in the latter category.  When I look at the colorful bubbles floating against the white background, I can’t help but think of Spring.  There’s just something about those colors and the way they contrast against the background that just makes me think of the not-too-cold yet not-too-hot air that usually accompanies the season.  I also am reminded of how the grass begins to gain that richer shade of green while the flowers are slowly blooming….

…yeah, I know, I probably sound like a goddam hippy right now.  But I just think that the packaging really compliments the product and isn’t something that could intimidate someone, regardless of whether they’re sex toy novices or connoisseurs.







I was sent the purple haze model of this product, and I must say that it is very nice to look at.  Granted, I’m just a sucker for purple in general, but this particular shade isn’t too light nor is it too dark.  I’m one of those people who really takes color into consideration when picking out their sex toys.  I do this because I’m one of those people where I want the toy to reflect how I’m supposed to feel, especially if it’s a toy meant for anal use.  Basically, I want to FEEL sexy, and this shade of purple LOOKS sexy, so in a psychological sense the aesthetics make the process of using the toy on myself much more enjoyable.


It’s also very smooth and sleek, with a phallic tip at the top of the toy and a flared base.  The tip of the toy is the widest and as you make your way down to the base, the shaft gradually gets thinner.

This toy doesn’t have a suction cup, so you won’t be able to stick this to a wall or anything like that.  And to be honest, I personally didn’t mind that one bit.  It always feels a little awkward whenever I insert a toy while grasping onto the suction cup, since the flaps start bending all over the place.






One of the reasons I ended up checking Tantus out was the fact they specialize in making sex toys made of high-quality silicone.  Silicone is pretty much the shit since it’s the easiest material to clean, which in turn makes it the safest to use as far as I know.

I’ve heard from other sex bloggers such as Dangerous Lilly that the best way to test whether a toy is made out of pure silicone is to burn it.  At first, I was like “why the fuck would I want to do that?!”  But after watching one of her videos and reading some of her articles on the topic, I felt that it would be best for me to start utilizing that process in my own reviews.  I don’t know who actually first suggested burning sex-toys to test the silicone quality, but they’re pretty much a genius for doing so.

From what I understand, if the toy catches up in flames like a piece of tissue paper, then chances are the toy isn’t made out of silicone.  If the toy actually is made out of silicone, then it shouldn’t catch on fire and instead leave a bit of a black mark that’s easy to wash off.








After holding a BIC lighter up against the Starter, a bunch of ash started to appear on the surface.  However, the material of the toy did not deteriorate in the slightest.  As you can see from the pictures I posted, it was fairly easy to wash off the ash with a bit of water, although some of it still remains.  So that just goes to show you that this is the real deal.

Now I’ve heard that there are different kinds of silicone used in sex toys.  I don’t know much about their properties and all that science-stuff, but I’ve heard from other sex bloggers that certain kinds of silicone have more “drag” to them than others.  From what I understand, “drag” is basically referring to the smooth and sleekness of the silicone.  Some silicone materials will feel as smooth as velvet while others will feel a bit more like rubber.  Although the toy did pass the burn test, the silicone material does have a lot of “drag.”  Although I don’t find this kind of sensation to be as pleasurable to the touch, it personally didn’t affect the ease of insertion.  I should also note that this particular silicone material does easily pick up hair strands and specks of dirt, so that can be annoying at times.  Like I said, though, this material is very easy to clean, so all that gunk should easily wash off.







Given the fact that this toy is called the Starter, it should be fairly obvious that this toy is for beginners.  So of course it’s not going to be that big.  Although I like to think that I’m in-between the beginner and intermediate level, I still found that this toy was a bit too small for my liking.  But then again, it’s definitely a toy for people that are just starting to explore anal-play.

The phallic tip is the largest part of the toy, so if you’re just trying out anal-play for the first time, then I would recommend warming up with your finger(s) beforehand.  However, for me personally, this toy wasn’t a challenge at all.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that this is a bad toy.  I’ll explain what I mean when I get to talking about sensations later on.








As you can tell from the picture, the Starter is extremely flexible.  It wasn’t too flexible to the point where it felt like I was trying to put a worm inside me.  Nope, it was just flexible enough to where I was able to easily maneuver it into my bum.





This toy has a smooth, sleek feel to it.  Although this makes the toy easy to insert, I personally find that it doesn’t provide that much stimulation. It provides a little bit, mind you, but I just prefer the feeling of my sphincter muscles expanding and shrinking over a series of bumps and what not.

Since this toy is fairly small, it’s definitely good for people that are just getting into anal-play.  I say this because the toy is small and sleek enough to where the experience shouldn’t feel overwhelming.  So as someone who a little bit past the beginner status, I feel that my perspective on this aspect of the toy is a bit biased, since I’m getting used to using slightly larger toys now.

That’s not to say that this is a bad toy.  It’s just that when I used it, it didn’t provide me with that full sensation.  Then again, that’s probably because I used one other toy to warm up beforehand.



I think that this was a good toy to start off my relationship with Tantus. I wasn’t sure just how big their other anal toys were going to be, so I went and asked to review their Starter just to be on the safe side.  After a few sessions, I think that I will look into getting a bigger size next time.  With all of that said…


I’d recommend this toy…

-If you’re new to anal play

-If you’re looking for high-quality silicone products


I wouldn’t recommend this toy…

-If you’re at an intermediate-advanced level of anal-play




Once again, I just want to give a huge thank-you to the good people at Tantus for sending me this product.  They’ve been incredibly supportive of me and I’m so glad that I’m able to work with them.

If you are interested in purchasing your very own Tantus Starter, then click on any of the buttons below

Whether you want to start experimenting with some anal play or are just in the mood for some high-quality sex toys, then definitely check out Tantus’ products.


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    I really enjoyed this review, you really put the tantus starter through its hoops.

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    I really enjoyed this review. You really put the Tantus Starter through its hoops.

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