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Review: Tantus Uncut 2

Aside from rabbit vibes, realistic dongs are another type of sex toys that I really enjoy.  This is why I asked to review the Tantus Uncut 2. When I first saw the Uncut 2 in person, I have to admit, I was diappointed…

“Is this IT?!  It’s so small!” I told myself as I unpacked the uncircumcised dong out of its colorful and bubbly packaging.  I then realized that I mistook the Uncut 2 for the Uncut 1, the larger and much longer one of the two.

Now that I’ve gotten around to actually using it, I must say that I’ve grown quite fond of the Tantus Uncut 2.

Tantus Uncut 2

Total length6.4" (I think)
Insertable length6.4"
Diameter 1.6"
Material100% Ultra-Premium Silicone
Special FeaturesHarness-compatible
FinishesCream, Cocoa, and Mocha
Price$99 (shipping not included)
Lube RecommendationWater-Based


The packaging for the Tantus Uncut 2 is the same as it was for my previous Tantus products. If you’re interested in reading my thoughts about that, check out my review on the Tantus Cush O2, Tantus Starter, or Tantus Flex.

But if you’re too lazy to go and look for yourself (which is totally fine if you are), I basically like the colorful bubbles that decorate the white box. It just seems so fresh and clean to me for some reason. I can’t quite explain it.


It should be obvious, but this dong is supposed to replicate an uncircumcised penis.

Tantus Uncut 2

This is a feature that I found most appealing about the Tantus Uncut 2.

Most dongs on the market resemble circumcised penises, which is fine, but at the same time it’s a bit odd, considering how I’ve heard that most countries around the world aren’t nearly as obsessed with the idea of circumcision as America is… or so I’ve heard, anyway. What I’m basically trying to say is…20160623_181847

  • This dong provides variety in terms of representation (using dongs modeled after circumcised penises becomes… well, boring after awhile)
  • With the foreskin, wrinkles, veins, meatus, and urethral opening, the Tantus Uncut 2 is one of the more realistic silicone dongs that I’ve had from Tantus as of late
  • Surprisingly, the silicone used in the Uncut 2 is much softer and feels much more realistic than the silicone used for the Cush O2 (which felt rubberier)
  • I love the dark, matte Mocha finish; it’s very rich
  • The Uncut 2 is very flexible

  • I find that this particular type of silicone easily attracts lint and other dirt that could be lying around
  • Even though the silicone is fairly soft, it does have a bit of drag to it
  • I wish that the rest of the shaft had the same thickness as the head… the toy falls over easily because of this
  • Because of the wrinkles this toy is a bit more difficult to fully clean
  • This is perhaps the best realistic silicone dong that I’ve ever used

I should also mention that since this is another entry into Tantus’ dual density line of products, that the tip is very squishy while the shaft has a firm inner core.  This adds even more to the realism.



  • The squishy-ness of the silicone makes it easy for the toy to adjust to my body
  • The tip of the Uncut 2 provided some very nice g-spot stimulation; squirting definitely ensued a few times
  • The lack of testicles makes it easy to thrust the toy in and out of me


  • I wish that the rest of the shaft was as thick as the head; going from thick to thin makes my vagina sad
  • As far as I know, I don’t believe Tantus makes an uncircumcised dong that has testicles, which is a shame at the same time


  • For something that’s smaller than what I’m used to/prefer, the stimulation I get from the Uncut 2 makes up for it

To clarify, although I do like being able to thrust the toy in and out of me, I do like dongs with testicles because that way I can get clit stimulation in addition to penetration.

Also, although I do like the way this toy stimulates me, I still wish that I had paid more attention to the website and asked for the bigger, longer Uncut 1.

Overall Opinion


Fairly soft; extremely realistic details; firm yet flexible/squishy; decent g-spot stimulationUneven proportions (head is bigger than the shaft); a little bit on the shorter/smaller scale

In short, this is a toy that would disappoint size-queens.  If you’re looking for something to “stuff you to the gills,” then look elsewhere.

I could definitely see this as being a good toy for someone who is either looking for something more realistic, while not being unbearable in terms of size.

Although this might not be my favorite Tantus toy ever, it has definitely encouraged me to try out the Uncut 1 in the future.


Special thanks goes out to the awesome people at Tantus.  I received this item from them free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

If you would like to buy the Tantus Uncut 2 for yourself, then check out any of the following places below.

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