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Review: The Vilain Bianca

Before I get into the actual product review, I just want to clarify a few things:

First, I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.

Now there is a stereotype that all reviewers who get products for free are less likely to be honest in their reviews.  I’m certainly guilty of thinking this way, but as I’ve learned more and more about the business of reviewing sex toys, it all really depends on the person & the “guidelines” that the company provides.  Sometimes a company will demand that a reviewer say positive things about a product.  I believe if you check out Dangerous Lilly’s or Epiphora’s blogs, they have posts relating to this topic.  But overall, I just want to reassure you that that’s not going to be the case for this review.  

Second, I really want to give a huuuuuuuuggggggeeeeeeee thank you to the people at Blush Novelties for taking the time to offer me this product for free


….and let me tell you right of the bat that this product isn’t cheap.  So I really appreciate them taking a chance on me and I hope that with this review that I’ll be able to provide enough feedback for them as well as provide potential customers with as much honest information as possible.

If anything is unclear, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an e-mail.  My e-mail can be found in the “CONTACT ME” tab of this blog.

OKAY, it’s time that I actually get to the freaking product.

This is the Bianca vibrator by Blush Novelties and it is a part of their Vilain line of products

...yeah, I know I referenced Blush Novelties in the beginning, BUT WHATEVER, DEAL WITH IT!

Anyways, so this is a rabbit (or “bunni,” as they called it) style vibrator.  In case you aren’t already aware, these kinds of vibrators are dual stimulators designed for vaginal and clit stimulation (however, I guess guys can still use these to stimulate their prostates and perineums).  They became very, VERY popular after one was featured in an episode of “Sex and The City.”  

Here are some of the specs:

The Vilain Bianca

Silicone material

1 motor

7.1″ in total length

3.75″- 4″ insertable length

1.4″ width

4″ circumference

7 functions

3 speeds

4 patterns



Rabbit/”bunni” clit-stimulator

Curved shaft for vaginal/g-spot stimulation



Available in pink or red

Price: $91.96

(some of this information was obtained off of Blush Novelties’ official site, while other info was obtained via e-mail.  Links will be posted later.)

Now as usual, I’m going to go ahead and talk about what I thought of this product….



Let me tell you, the packaging for this product is BAD ASS.  I mean, seriously, just look at it!

Since packaging is the very first thing that customers see when getting products, I think it’s very important that companies try to make it as appealing as possible.  Blush Novelties does this with flying colors, in my opinion.  I know the phrase “flying colors” is cliche and all, but I’m serious: the way the text is printed so that it gives the box texture is absolutely awesome!  

I also love the way that they use black and pink to contrast with each other.  In my opinion, it just really gives it a punk-rock-goth kind of look to it…or, at least what I THINK is punk-rock-goth, anyway.  I just really love the way the packaging has a very classic, yet modern kind of look to it, especially when you see these kind of floral-frill patterns on the sides as well.  The fancy-and-modern look is also noticeable when seeing how they don’t use that really fancy cursive text that a lot of people may find hard to read.  Instead, they just keep it clean and kind of to the point.  

As you’ll notice from these other pictures that all sides have some information about the product.  

The box the toy comes in has this magnetic flap so it’s not something you have to tear open.  

Once you do open the flap, inside you’ll find the toy as well as a little box containing the USB adapter and cable along with a little warranty pamphlet.  So you’ll pretty much get everything you need as well as a bit of artwork to look at and enjoy. 

If you’re someone that’s really, REALLY into packaging, you’ll probably like what Blush Novelties does for this product.  But everyone has their own tastes, so I’m not gonna make any generalizations or guarantees.  I personally can’t stop fan-girling over it. 



This is where I’m gonna have to start making some comparisons. 

One of the very first things I noticed about the Bianca was how much smaller this toy was compared to most of the rabbit-style vibes I’ve had in the past.  As stated earlier, this toy is about seven inches total with about 3.75″ of insertable length.  

To be honest, I’m someone that usually prefers somewhat bigger toys so I was a little turned off by this product at first.  AT FIRST.  I’m saying that twice because although this is a fairly small toy, I did like how the shaft has a fair amount of girth to it.  As I said earlier, this toy is about 4″ in circumference, so I did kind of get that full sensation.  I think that when I compared the toy to my other rabbits that this one still had as much, if not more girth…

So I will say that despite how small the actual toy is, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  As I said, I did get that filling sensation…granted, not STUFFED as with some toys I’ve had in the past, but full enough to where it provided me with enough stimulation.  In other words, it’s not small enough to the point where I feel like I’m fucking myself with a pencil, and I don’t think it’ll feel that way for you too…(ouch!)



As I said in the beginning, this toy is made out of silicone.  And as I’ve said numerous times before (and will probably continue saying) that silicone is perhaps one of the safest, if not THE SAFEST sex toy material on the market today.  It’s non-porous and from what I’ve heard from other reviewers, it’s a material that doesn’t allow bacteria to grow and contaminate your toy.  With silicone toys, you shouldn’t get any of that gross, disgusting chemical smell that a lot of toys get when they’re made with other not-as-safe materials.  

Also, if you’ve ever wanted to wash a sex toy with your dishes, silicone can allow you to do just that!  Granted, I would definitely NOT recommend that you do it with any silicone vibrators, but you could most likely get away with doing that to silicone dildos.

ANYWAYS, sorry for getting a little off-track.  So yeah, both the shaft and the “bunni” are made of silicone.  Apparently there are different types of silicone that can determine the softness of your toy, but for this one in particular the silicone material is very, VERY soft and smooth. The silicone material feels very velvety, so of course I’ve spent a fair amount of time petting it……….don’t judge……

So with all of that in mind, this will definitely feel really good against your skin.  When I inserted this toy into my vagina, I didn’t feel like I was being scratched or anything like that, and I guarantee that you won’t feel that way either if you decide to buy this toy.  



So…this is the part where I really have to get honest.  This is also the part where I’m really going to try and show you some comparisons.  

I am not a huge fan of the rabbit/”bunni” ears.  The reason I say this is because I personally think they’re a bit too long and flimsy.  Here, I’ll show you what I mean…look at this picture of the “bunni” on the Bianca:

Notice how the rabbit is kind of leaning forward more?

This proved to be a problem for me because whenever I would insert the toy, the rabbit ears would immediately be pushed inward to the point where they weren’t even really touching my clit.  In fact, the bunni ears just felt like they were being bent to the point where it felt like they were forming a lower-case c.  

Another thing that I really didn’t like, and to be honest this really bummed me out, but the vibrations in the ears felt weak.  I’m not quite sure how many motors this toy has, I believe it has one, but it felt like whenever I had the toy on that most of the power was in the shaft.  

When I examined the ears, it felt like most of the vibrations in the rabbit were coming from the very tip of the ears…and since the very tips were kind of curling away from my clit, I found that I wasn’t personally getting enough stimulation.  

Granted, I was able to have an orgasm with this toy, but I honestly think that’s because I don’t masturbate every day anymore and therefore my vagina is just becoming more sensitive again.  What I tried to do was reposition the toy a little bit so that the ears were rubbing against my labia, and I can say that helped a little bit.  But still, I just thought that the ears weren’t nearly as powerful.  

Also, as I said before, I thought that the rabbit ears on this toy were a bit too thin/flimsy.  What I mean by that is whenever I tried to get the ears around my clit, it felt like I was pushing some kind of really smooth, velvety noodle against me.  So it’s one thing to not have very powerful vibrations, but it’s another thing to just have rabbit ears that don’t really rub against you in the right way.  For me, I prefer the rabbit ears to be a little shorter and thicker, just so that they can rub right up against my clit.  Also, I think that I usually prefer more than one motor in a toy because that way it just multiplies its power.

Overall, this was probably one of the things that really bummed me out about this toy.  I honestly feel kind of bad writing this, but at the same time I feel like the people at Blush Novelties should probably consider re-designing this toy in the future (that is if other people bring up similar complaints).  I would suggest that they fix the positioning of the rabbit (or “bunni” as they called it), make the ears a little thicker and shorter, and put more motors in the toy.  


So, remember that part where you read how I basically didn’t really like the rabbit ears and thought they were too weak?  

Well, to be honest, since I’ve been playing with it a little more, my mind has changed in some regard.  I still think that the rabbit ears could use some adjustments in terms of positioning, but after charging it, it actually wasn’t that weak in the ears.  Granted, I don’t think they’re the MOST POWERFUL, but they’re not the weakest either.  

This is pretty much why I wanted to take more time writing this review, in case something came up and I end up changing my mind on something.  It happens!  




I probably should’ve mentioned before that the shaft does not rotate.  Instead the shaft only vibrates.

But this is still a little flexible.  Granted it’s not exactly something you can really bend into a pretzel, but you can move it around a little bit nonetheless.  The rabbit/”bunni” (I’m honestly not quite sure why they called it a “bunni.”  And yes, that’s how it was spelled on the packaging) is very flexible.  

As I said, the bunni (fuck it, I’m just gonna call it rabbit ears) aren’t the most powerful, but thankfully the rabbit itself is pretty flexible so I found that it was a little bit easy for me to maneuver it around.  At the same time though, I kind of had to keep one finger under the rabbit so that it would be in a more upright position.  This allowed me to get a little more clit stimulation from the tips of the ears.  

Overall, it’s got a bit of flexibility to it, but only just a little bit.  



As you can see in the picture above, this toy features 2 buttons.  The top button is the universal power button, and obviously turns the toy on and off.  The second button below with the little zig-zag line is the one that lets you go through all the functions.  

Whenever you’ve turned your toy on, a red light will show up like in the picture below:

Before I talk about the functions themselves, I just want to mention how I’ve tried to put videos up on here, but the camera on my phone sucks ass-cheeks and until I figure out another way to put videos on here, I’m just gonna have to try my best and describe them.  So here we go:

F1: Like almost all vibrators, this toy starts off with the lowest constantly rumbling vibration.  

F2: Medium-high vibration.

F3: The highest of the first three settings.  None of these first three settings have fancy patterns. 

F4: Again, as with almost all multi-speed vibes, this is where you start getting your patterns.  For this one you get a slow escalation.  It reminds me of those scenes in movies where the protagonist will grab a machine gun and just start going off with it…well, it’s kind of like that…except nobody’s getting shot of course (hopefully not, anyways).  As I said, it starts off a little slow but it quickly speeds up.  

F5: This is a pulsating pattern.  For those of you that don’t know what that means, it’s basically a setting that just goes “veep  veep  veep  veep” like it’s pulsating or something.

F6: For this setting, imagine the previous one, but with a much faster pace.  It’s basically “veepveepveepveep”

F7: The final setting on here has three pulses then a short consistent vibe.  What I mean by that is…well, I’ll just put it like this: “veep veep veep veeeeeeeeeeeep” and it just keeps repeating. 

What’s nice about this toy is that as you go through each function, the light will kind of go on and off to match that said pattern.  However, I think it would’ve been nice if more functions had been added onto it.  I’m saying this because as I said, this toy isn’t cheap.  Granted, I got it at no charge what so ever, but it’s price range definitely fits more in the “luxury vibe” category, I guess.  So for something that costs this much, I only think it would be fair to provide a little bit more variety, especially since these settings are pretty much in almost every single other toy on the market.  It would’ve been really nice if the people at Blush Novelties sort of came up with at least one other completely different pattern to program into this toy so that it would really stick out.  

But I will say that this toy does pack a bit of a punch.  I said before that I thought the ears were a little on the weak side and the shaft had most of the power….well, that’s pretty much still true.  While I was holding the toy, it didn’t take long for it to go numb, honestly.  But hey, that’s not necessarily a bad thing!  Since this toy is fairly small, the vibrations didn’t have much to travel through, so I guess that’s why this toy is fairly powerful with only 1 motor.  

I should probably mention that this toy is fairly loud.  For me that’s not too much of a big deal, because it’s not loud as say a wand massager, but it’s still pretty loud to the point where you might risk having other people you live with hearing you while using it.  

So overall, if you’re experienced with rabbit vibrators, then you should know that the settings on this toy are pretty much the same.  Whether that’s a bad thing or not is a matter of personal opinion.  Personally, I kind of wish that a completely new pattern, one that isn’t programmed into most rabbit vibes, had been programmed.  However, I guess that just goes to show you how people are really huge fans of those particular settings, hence why they keep getting used over and over again.    



Okay, so the charging port is located at the very bottom of the toy, where the ABS plastic part is, obviously.  The charging port cover is made of silicone (I believe) and you just pull it up until you see the hole, then plug the charger into it. 

Now the little manual/warranty pamphlet says that this toy takes about 2 hours to fully charge.  With that you should get 50 minutes of play time, and that’s only when it’s on the highest setting, so you can probably go a bit longer on the lower settings.  

At first I was a little bummed out that you could only get 50 minutes, but I found that actually wasn’t too bad.  I did manage to have an orgasm in at least 10 minutes, so if you’re someone that can easily have an orgasm then you shouldn’t have any problems.



So yeah, as I said, this toy has a charging port at the very bottom of the toy.  The manual/warranty pamphlet says to NOT SUBMERGE THIS TOY IN WATER WHILE THE CHARGING PORT IS UNCOVERED.  So I guess this doesn’t make the toy FULLY waterproof, but it’s still easy to clean.  I personally just use a spray toy-cleaner after every use, then run it under some water.  So overall, this being waterproof makes the whole process of cleaning it much easier.


I will say that after having played around with this product a few times, I can say that my earlier conclusions have changed a little bit.  The ears are a bit more powerful when the toy is fully charged, but at the same time I feel that they’re a little bit lacking.  I also still think that the rabbit could use some positioning re-adjustment so that the ears don’t completely fold when holding them against my clit.  Either that or just make the ears a little stubbier.  But then again, that’s just my personal opinion.

With that in mind….

I would recommend this product if:

-you are a fan of rechargeable toys

-you enjoy the feel and safety of silicone

-you’re looking to experiment with your first rabbit (and don’t want to spend $ on batteries)

-product packaging is very important to you

-you enjoy internal/g-spot stimulation

-you’re willing to spend a bit of extra $$$

I would not recommend this product if:

-you like A LOT of power to mostly be in the rabbit ears

-you don’t like spending a lot of $$$

-you’re someone who prefers a bigger size (in terms of length)


If you are interested in checking out the Vilain Bianca, then stop by BLUSHNOVELTIES.COM.  

Also make sure to follow them on Twitter @BLUSHNOVELTIES.

Once again, I just want to thank them so much for taking the time to offer me this product in exchange for this review.

If you want, feel free to check out any of my other previous blog posts.  

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